Listening to: Elle s'appelle

OOOOOOk ok ok ok, lack of posting on the blog. we have moved in to the new studio, in the old peanut factory now and finally have internet sorted out. its been a long hard struggle sorting out broken electrics, moving HUGE screenprinting equipment(thank you to Heather at bow arts) among a gazzillion other problems. but slowly its coming together.

above is a proof for the advice postcard book we designed. its looking good and we cant wait to get a copy when its all printed! We are working on a website and other bits and pices for this project so expect more soon.

Lots of posters to be updated in the next week and plenty more in the works.

Busy weekend ahead of us, more building in the peanut factory, kitchen and non print area of the studio to be exact. Darren hayman of hefner playing bardens on friday, grand opening of the decima Gallery in the unit next door on Saturday, then Tellison and The maplestate tour arrives in london on sunday, phewwwww. will try and post som of the new work on here inbetween all of this!

Right i need to back up all of our work before my laptop goes in to computer hospital tomorrow.

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