This has been Telegramme's first full year, and we want to thank everyone who helped us along the way. To clients for putting faith in our work, to interns, friends and family who have all helped with various bits and pieces.
2010 will see lots of new screenprinting equipment being installed and a Telegramme Soloshow around Easter time (TBC).


We will be out of the studio from Monday 21st Dec 09' - Monday 04th Jan 10'. However if a big fancy brief comes in, or you just want to ask us what we want for Christmas, we will be checking email and answering mobiles.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
Robert Evans & Chris Gove xx
Telegramme Studio


One two three for five six! a random collection

listening to: Mates of State.

For something quite differant...The increasingly brilliant KITSUNE NOIR blog has an interview with the ever brilliant Frank Chimero about his process on the new Poster project with Kitsune Noire. Read it HERE. It great to see an incite in to the workings of the man. Many people seem scared to reveal how they work in the ever competitive world of design and illustration. Its a shame people are begrudging about sharing process or thought patterns with each other. Id love to see more encourgment to learn from each other!

Come on guys lets help each other!

Im off to see where the wild things are this evening so should probably get on a work!

christmassy love

Robert Telegramme


cyclo killer ques que ce nah nah nah nah.....

Listening to: Owen Richards mixtape.

Just found this heroin skateboards video on youtube! amazing! i remember watching this so much, while waiting for the ground to dry up that my vhs wore out and i think at somepoint it got lost somewhere in southampton under a mound of cider bottles and paint. I forgot how good the soundtrack is and just how fast and gnarley chopper skates.

YEAAAAAHHHRRRR!!!!Loads of rounding off, finishing off, preping and planning happening in the studio at the moment. Getting ready for the new year and plotting our world domination including this guy:


This is a sneeky peek at the cover to a new project with the big guns random house publishing. A bick encyclopredia a cyclopedia if you will. We have been asked to produce a cover and around 75 illustrations for the inside. work load! BAM! should be finished up early next year! cant wait to show you whats happening on the inside.

I must go and continue various tasks involving moving and poting. ADMIN CITY this week. more on that later...

Robert Telegramme