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We are OFF TO FLATSTOCK!!! check it out here.
Above is our effort at a flatstock poster that we will be printing up especially for the festival.
Im planning to keep a track of progress of our little german excursion when i can. What we are taking/what we are printing/ what we are drinking/ who we are meeting/ who we are watching at the festival. Its all so exciting. musnt forget we are off top paris before hand and im off to BERLIN for a nice little holiday.

Some nice exciting work happening in the studio today. redesign of the flyers and website for the Queen of hoxton continues at an alarming rate. Should all be finished up VERY soon. New illustrations for the Times weekend suplliment (we are becoming sex therapists this week!) and a continued code focused stab at the new site.

all in the hottest weather EVER! cant wait to head out and have a nice canale based beer before seeing the get up kids london show tonight.

Robert Telegramme


im a loner dottie a rebel

Last night was a bit of a special night for me. I was lucky enough to be asked by the LOVELY people at Vagrant records to design and print up a tour poster for the get up kids.
I have been a huge fan of the band since i first herd something to write home about many many years ago... and to be asked to produce a tour poster marking their return to celebrate the albums 10 year aniversary was AMAZING!
Last night was the start of the European tour and was at the smallest of small venues 'the peel' in Kingston. beyond rammed everyone sang their hearts out and just made it amazing. so yes anyway... here is the poster.
pick on up if you happen to get along to any of the shows. and come and say hello if your at the london date on wednesday.

oh the design is also going to be on tshirts that you can only get hold of if you pre order the re-release HERE.



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just finished augusts rota poster.

friday? already?see you in the studio tomo then.
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it was just out of my comfort zone I guess. I'm used to smoothies.

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While i wait for microsoft office to re install and think about how lucky i was to recover 6 months of emails and contact from my CURSED computer i thought i better upload something to this very neglected blog. i have good reason to neglect it a bit...
we are BUSY! so many exciting things happening here at telegramme towers.
loads of new posters getting printed up ready for some AMAZING shows and tours.
ill just tease you with two, the first, above is for a friend of ours the lovely dev of Lightspeed champion. this promises to be a killer show. i havent seen dev play in AGES!

second is another poster for the veils. Keeping on a patterny theme for them (see here for the last one). Was a real plesure to do this as it marks the start of the first tour for our friends' so say so.
should be a good show aswell.

im going to keep this post short and sweet while i fix my computer and get some actual work done.