Listening to: Chris chopping posters.

Hello all, long time no post. We have now built our new desk area, a bohemoth of a structure it is. Its looking lovely although i dont have a picture of it to hand. My NEWWWW digital camera is on charge and my legs are tired. perhaps on the morrow i will take pictures of the whole factory to show you all.

so, rundown on the recent happenings.

Bank holiday was super fun with saturday seeing us head to and help at an Elefant Art video shoot. very green and exciting it was:

Glitter+cream+fur+catchiest song of the year=fun.
Monday was the 1st and possibly last ever 'Annual Telegramme VS LRB easter weekend rounders game'. LRB came away with the first title and although i wont go in to details there was im sure some untoward illigal glove use happend on LRB's part....but we're not sore loosers.

LRB warming up

Telegramme's preemptive celebrations
Chris stepping up to the plate
Zborough's Oliver getting Attacked...although he was on our team
Telegramme with mixed emotions, half relaxed half anxious...the outs just kept coming

The Teams

yes yes we lost but next year its will be ours oh yes it will be ours.
sooooo today has seen printing some posters for next weeks Dashboard Confessional tour, Thanks to Christina for the use of her Beautiful studio while we are finishing our new one.

This evening has involved chopping them down and stamping them ready to send out. That brings us right up to the now. For now i must return to the cutting table. Ill post studio pictures very soon as well as lots of new work.
oh ...Tomorrow we are off to see our habbitat samples all printed up and ready for their autumn release!!!!!Exciting!!!

love love from Robert telegramme