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An editorial, about the revenge of the nerds. Bit close to home this one. Might even become a print sometimes soon.



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I forgot how good this is. i havent herd this is over a year!




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I was Just looking for some files breifly on my frankly antiquated computer and came across a couple of illustrations i worked on last month for the newly redesigned eurostar magazine including the one above. Although it didnt quite fit in to the full portfolio section of the site there is something i quite like...

In short the article was about The Périphérique, a road surrounding the center of Paris.
The Périphérique is as much a pschological barrier as a geographical one: not just ugly, polluting and deafening, but grotesque as well. Ghettos, housing estates, every megalopolis has its open wounds, but none other has this hideous belt of contention.

What better time to post this than when i start another 4 drawings for the same magazine. who knows what i might learn over the course of the afternoon.

happy learning people




Youve Been Framed

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Just saw this framed version of our Moneen Poster ^. Always nice to see our posters finding good homes. Send us a picture of yours in its happy home.



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So we have been pretty busy here at Telegramme Working hard on the digital side of our output. Its kind of nice to sit back with a coffee and see whats been done of late and take stock. And stock taking (in a sense) is what we have here...


Working with a custom Wordpress Template we created a simple, striking, calendar based site for everyones favourite east london creative hangout with a table tennis table, The BOOK CLUB.  We have become pretty fond of wordpress, using it as an effective CMS system allowing the client to update and add to their website, keepping the content fresh and informative and direct from the client.


On a similar note we have also reworked the QUEEN OF HOXTON website with a brand new calendar system and stripped back, simple styling to compliment the venues interior deisgn.


Anouther Custom built Wordpress site incorporating the Beautiful video by Alex Turvey we commissioned. A full shop will be built in to the site over the coming months as we develop custom e commerce and further exspand Percivals online presence.

So you can see we have been a little taken by wordpress. The possibilities are pretty exciting and we continue to experiment, both commmercially and out of hours. We are currently designing and building a site for POSTER ROAST, a project we are involved in, bringing the UK gig poster artists together for the first time online to showcase and sell their work. The full site should be online later this week/early next week. keep your eyes peeled. until then if you are interested in finding out more of our web design/build services please give us a shout at hello@telegramme.co.uk

monday love.




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Thanks to loligo for sending me a link to this Beautiful Film by Stella and Malcolm Murray.

' Shot high above the streets of New York City, UP THERE reveals the dying craft of large-scale hand painted advertising and the untold story of the painters struggling to keep it alive.

Capturing a trade that is equal part artistic precision and grueling labor, the film presents a painting tradition pre-dating modern advertising. A craft that today finds itself dangling precariously on the brink of extinction. '

Well there you go. pretty much sums it up.

This is infact an elaborate 'making of' for the Stop frame animation at the end of the film.

The campaign was again driven by MOTHER, they have been consistantly knocking out beautiful, effective campaigns for Stella for some time.  From the  Aesthetic apperatus screenprinted posters to the smooth origionals campaign

with incredable posters by Robert Mcginnis.

I still cant get over how wonderful these posters are..

This new sign painting campaign has wonderful genuine  feel lost from many recent campaigns that are tapping in to craftsmen and creatives both traditional or modern to create a 'heritage' or force the brand to support 'creativity'.

As we see agencies looking for something tangible and physical to let the public relate to the brand, we see them use names (bands/creatives/other products) without actually focusing on the skills or art created by these individuals and often ignoring the brands' context or relation to these people/crafts. SO its great to see Stella and mother have supported something geniuinly interesting and retained their own context within the campaign.. 10 points all round. especially to sky high murals.

Serious point over. Just enjoy the wonderful videos.




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Avi Buffalo - "Remember Last Time" from DUKE STREET on Vimeo.

Been listening to these guys this afternoon, and dug out this really nicely shot live performance from NY.

made a hectic day seem a little nicer!



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So i survived the first Camden Crawl based POSTER ROAST of hopefully many more to come! Live printing, 4 killer bands, 15 + artists, 50+ beautiful posters,  strong rum,  many beers, 2 days taking over the black heart pub in camden and much carnage. This years event felt like the start of the uk poster scene really emerging and showing their huge collective talent for creating incredable artwork for incredible bands and having fun doing it with passion!
Set up in 2007 by Chris White (3d Glasses), and now assisted by his future wife Alex Curtis (Thr33 Designs) Its intention is to help develop and promote Poster Artists within the UK.

During each Poster Roast there is a curated exhibition of some of the most influential poster artists in the UK, there is also live screen printing throughout showing the process, and the option of leaving with your own freshly printed poster!

As the poster wouldn’t exist without the music, at each exhibition some of the finest bands play live sets for your ears to enjoy.

Posters are on sale throughout, and the majority of the artists are normally present, available to chat if you have any questions!

Creating affordable art for people is a large part of what these artists advocate and Poster Roast hopes that members of the public will enjoy being able to leave with something precious and unique.

I managed to meet loads of guys id yet to see outside of their online portfolios and caught up with guys i met over in flat stock Europe last year. Was great to see all of our efforts come together for the event and especially this super limited edition poster that was printed live at the venue while the bands destroyed!

This poster was a mass collaboration between 3d glasses,
Drew Millward, Luke Drozd, Army Of Cats, Thr33designs, Tape Ears,
Telegramme, Two Ducks Disco, Adam Pobiak and Dan Mumford.

This is a rare opportunity to purchase some work by all of these artists together so grab one of these commemorative posters while you can.

These were screenprinted live at Poster Roast and are limited to only 60. 2 colour on natural heavy stock. A2 size


We have been working closely with the founders Chris and Alex on the identity and website for poster roast. Here is the first promotional flyer:

This week should see a full website, shop and forum go live for everyone to check out and buy some of these incredible artists works and find out a bit more about the emerging poster scene in the uk. keep your eyes peeled.

Big thanks to everyone involved especially Chris and Alex who have done an awesome job fo bringing all the guys together. Roll on Flatstock europe 5 in september!