Illustration for everyones favorite science magazine. The article was about a new process to reverse the effects of Age-related macular degeneration.


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I didnt watch the brit awards last night. but chris just showed me this video. sooo big.


once, twice, again!

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A couple of delayed things on the blog today. Firstly i saw this wonderful film By fellow Falmouth graduate and all round lovely guy Temujin Doran a little while ago. and meant to post it then. Better late than never. Brilliant music too. well done Tem.

Secondly just wanted to give an over due shout out to Hugh of Landfill Editions and Many Mono, its printing arm. He has done an awesome job of some Risograph  printing for us recently and even popped by the studio for a nuice chat and to hook us up with some killer prints from Landfills first collection.


Cheers Hugh,

Im off to continue painting the signs.

Robert Telegramme


to the basement people to the basement

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Last night was a night of sign painting. Armed with projectors, redstripe, cupcakes make by loligo, giant peices of wood and the steady hand of Holly wales i started the 2 large signs that will be greating guests at the Percival launch on thursday. All outlines are done waiting for tonights first paint!

Went for a swim at the london field lido this morning and am tireing badly. I need to get fit! more skatboarding as soon as the sun peeks out. promise.
heres some old inspiration...

skip to 1:00.
happy sundays
x Robert



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On a massive research tip today, all about Buckminster Fuller,  for a project that will hopefully become apparent late next week. I stumbled upon the the artist community 'drop city' based in colarado from 1965 to the early '70's.
The Droppers’ vision of life-as-art was evidenced in their iconographic dwellings, which were based on geodesic domes and the crystalline designs of Steve Baer, a pioneer in fractal geometric designs and solar energy. The Droppers were opposed to work-for-pay and used salvaged materials, including culled lumber and chopped-out car tops.  In 1966, Buckminster Fuller honored Drop City with his Dymaxion Award for“poetically economic structural accomplishments."
taken from http://www.dropcitydoc.com/

Read more about it here. Or better, watch this trailer and give these people more money to make the documentary about the place.


You diss man? Then I see you beggin for a wristband?

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Yeah ok lack of updates this week. appologies. But i have been SUPER busy. LOADS of mega exciting things happening here in telegramme towers.
First up, just got the sign off on our first New Scientist,  Editorial Illustration. Really pleased with it. Was a great chance to explore a simple graphical direction ive been playing with. They have been a client ive always wanted to work with and was a real pleasure to do. not sure when it comes out. real soon i hope. look:




Chris has been working his socks off with Telegrammes good friend Luke, on a mens clothing label named PERCIVAL. Telegramme has obviously taken on all the graphics and visual direction. From branding, website, launch party invites etc etc. Name it and we are designing. Under a week away from alaunch im super excited so wanted to share a couple of images. sneeky peeks of the direction.




I cant reveal too much more about the launch party, the website, the video by the supreamly talented Alex Turvey. Or any of the other exciting parts to this launch until next week. But i am very excited about it all.



So i finally got round to buying a new digital camera and what a beaut! On Many peoples advice i stumped the cash on ebay for a Canon G10. So hopfully ill be able to actually update this thing with some pictures of my adventures. its taking some time to learn to use it so bare with me for experiments. So heres whats been going on in my world today: I realised i need some new shoes. But on a plus side i have been getting my vit C, dont worry mum.





These guys are ruling the studio right now, causing heart palpitations and lose of mind! Both brilliant and dangerous. The way all good things should be. No warning on the packet either. AWESOME!

Loads of thinsg to get on with, i'll try and update a little more regularly if possible.

for those who might be interested i now have a twitter as well as the regular one upadated by chris. here: twitter.com/bobbytelegramme

friday greetings.