WINNER (michael)

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Totally won today!no joke.

in other news hello super summer, hello long breakfasts in sun, hello long evening with cold beer and hot bbq's, hello weekends. hello summmer.
happy friday.


'is that brian mays helicoptor?'

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I got shown this the other day and i was blown away... 1935!!

ok ok i havent blogged for a little while. almost 2 weeks i think. oh dear. but i have abeen a little busy with various illustration commisions as well as ongoing work on some bigger design projects that i am still unable to show the world. They are looking good though. sooooooo we have just finished a job for time out guides 2010 (so weired to write that-still no hover boards) diary. 8 differant section deviders. here are a couple....
Chris is away in New york this week mixing both business and pleasure so i am all alone in the studio welcomeing any visitor s that want to come and drink tea and distract me. While he has been away i have been left in charge of the new queen of hoxton poster usually his feild of expertease. i think it worked ok?
This past weekend i managed to exscape the studio long enough to frolik in the new forest climbing trees' making anaimations drinking gin and watching ponies steal childrens food. On the way home i dropped in to my parents to see that they had the edition of the times review with this illustration we did last week.

talking of editorial, i Have literally JUST finished this little guy for an Australian magazine about more popel in cities keeping live stock. Turns out that in australia you can RENT chickens. sounds a bit good.
Tomorrow is winchester school of arts first graduating class from thier new design course.
here: 28 — 31 May 2009
Brick Lane Gallery
196 Brick Lane
London E1 6SA
the site is super nice and the work equally. see you there.


Summer is here and its swallowed me whole

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So you may or not have noticed that the site has had a nice little update and a bit of re-jig. Hopefully it all works nice and smooth and you like the new format.
A you can see i was helped by ivor to get all the images for the site ready intime. Hi paw to that cat.
so the weekend....well yikes.

I went to see my long time hero Andrew Wk play a simply unbelievable show at the old blue last. It Was his 30th Birthday and it was beyond amazing....Its a gig i will never forget. I have never seen so many people have so much fun at one time! see all the photos from the Vice (groan) blog here.
The sunday was a little more whole some with killer bike rides, hot sun, and cool beer. Summer is here and its swallowed me whole.


ive a pocket full of trees and a garden full of trees....it doesnt matter.

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Anouther new rota poster image. get yor dancing feet on etc etc. This one is getting a little ahgead of schedual...being that it is for JULY. although it will be on us before we know what has happened.
Feeling a zilliontimes healthier today. my fear of swine feaver was i beleiev just a fear. good foods and better companies over the last few days has fought it off. huzzars.

Tonight is first tursdays YAY! more bike rides and free beer, good people to see and good art to spy.
Then my talented friend Mimi Leung is doing some live drawing at the ICA.
Right I better get some work done before i go.



failer on the cool o meter

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Just finished New Rota for june. Not sure about the colours. they seem to have come out particually muted on here?

Have much i would like to post and mention but i am feeling super grotty ill and my eyes hurt, so ill mention that our 'lets get metal' party was amazing tomorrow instead.

Here is the second set of editorial illustrations we did for the FT magazine on more things i will never fully understand. these will in the magazine this weekend once more. so dont forget to 'stock' up on your fiscal knowledge.

Hey why not make us super happy and become the 70th member of TWITTER to follow what we are up to in the studio.

ill love, im going to cook dinner watch the end of there will be blood and slumber.