I'll give you the money if you get my face tattooed on your face

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Finally managed to print up the advice to sink in slowly 'look beyond...' poster. will be available from the Advise to sink in slowly shop as soon as the new site is online. We have finished all the design side of things with the site. The coding is just getting finished and it'll be ready to launch. Should be up in the next week or so i hope. im really proud of it and cant wait for everyone to be able to see it.

The 'This town' poster above is going to be available in the shop by the end of the week.

On the most beutiful saturday I wondered along to Sonia Blair's Exhibtion at the Truman Brewry on brick lane. We created the identity and vinyls for it along with doing a tempory holding site for the show and we are currently working on the full site to launch in a couple of weeks. phewww lots going on here.

On a differant note...Does anyone want to send me some new music? i am getting a bit bored of what im listening to at the moment and need some help.

much love to all
Robert Telegramme


Listening to: The Magnetic Fields (but woke up with the kings of leon's sex on fire in my head-that song is just too big)

I Spent a couple of days looking after cats in the country i made this with Holly Wales while i was there....

Robert Telegramme


'this tyre yard is seriously small what the hell do they need a horse for?'

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So i stumbled upon this doctumentary: its pretty interesting. I had no idea about Natas. I know its part 2 but i should be drawing not watching tele. Go hunt out the whole thing as i will later.

Robert Telegramme


'We just watched HSM one and two, what have YOU been doing?'

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Someone created this glowing cone round the road from the studio last night. Not sure if its safer than the regular keep left signs.... good colour though
Managed to sneek in to Bombay Bicycle Club last night. They were actually pretty amazing and sickeningly young!
We have uploaded a new product to the products section(suprisingly).....TATTOO mittens for cold hands.
Robert Telegramme


Listening to: 50 cent, in da club.

In preperation for our part in 'best of', a group show in Tent London, on friday, we have been printing our fingers to the bone producing some pretty exciting things. below is a sneeky glimps of the 'Alphabox' project we have started. the finals will go up on the site later in the week. Annnnnd ill post some more info about where abouts in the truman brewry you can find us dureing design week.

In other news, i hung out with Dusty the cat this afternoon. he(she?) is ace.
Robert Telegramme.


'they are such fireworks cliches.'

Listening to: A jonathan richman mega mix
this weekend:

italian gypsy band

Awesome apple based posterAutumn begins(thanks Jaz)

arm wrestling
Printed these posters of the rolotomassi album artwork for Hassle's preorder deal. Designed by: simon moody.

Robert Telegramme



listening to: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mi7UUJ6cwLQ

So i have been working on a couple of new posters this week... they arnt quite finished but i thought id share them with you.
this is for the AWESOME Rolotomassi :

and this one for poet and singer/songwriter Derek Meins

Went and saw the as always awesome televised crimewave on tuesday.
They are more than ace to see if just to see if not just to see what dan will climb on.
p.s dan if your reading this i am sorry but it i who stole your merch poster with the picture of ringo star(?) you drew.

happy friday

robert Telegramme

oh next week the blog will be taken over by a mystery guest poster, all week. (so it might actually get updated! imagin!)


wooooooooot wooooooooooooo

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Floor owl.

Robert telegramme.