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listening to: Chris' choice. We now have the studio stereo back in action! Momford and sons currently soothing us through Tuesday morning.

Just found this video thanks to the always excellent musical choice of Bobby over at Kitsune Noir.
Its so dreamy and makes me look forward to running through the woods for the Percival clothing shoot next weekend.Just check out the brilliance of those flags! wow!



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I found this beautiful work by MATTE STEPHENS, a 34 year old artist that lives and works in Portland Oregon. These gouache paintings have such subtle almost modest use of colour combined with surreal twists creates an other worldly atmosphere that harks me back to a non memory of parisian cafes in the 30's smoking roll up cigarette and drinking strong black coffee before jumping in a car to have bizarre adventures. YUSS soooooo soooooo good!almost THIS print from his etsy store. Im . 'I love modern design and im inspired by anything Charles and Ray Eames, Alexander Girard, George Nelson/Irving Harper and artists like Ben Shahn and Paul Klee.'

AJ Fosik

While we are talking about absolutly beuatiful creations although on a slightly differant tip, check out the work of AJ Fosik.

His work really speaks for its self, incredable craft, composition and colour! quite breath taking. the following is an extract from his FECAL FACE interview here. This is AJ describing his relationship with the computer he uses for work...
Yeah, surprisingly as much as I dislike using computers now they really have had a formative influence on my work. In a lot of my early stuff I was using digital techniques and collaging and morphing pre existing imagery. It was a way for me to achieve results beyond what I could do by hand. The end result of this was that I always felt a certain distance or detachment from my own work and when I look back at it now I think I probably felt a bit of dishonesty. I really made a point of ditching the computer all together and focused on doing everything by hand and my current work partially grew out of that struggle or opposition to working digitally. Recently I have started using the computer again but my approach to using it now is almost a complete 180 from what it was. The computer in my shop now functions as little more than another power tool for me. It's really just another tool in the shop to manipulate the medium I work in instead of being the medium.

Pretty interesting i think youll agree... read the rest and see more beutiful pictures here.

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back to a very exciting project! cant wait to release it!




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I found this trailer on Fecal Face this morning and NEED to watch it! anyone know where i can get a copy from?
How nice was a taste of spring yesterday? It makes me begin to long for summer and swimming in lakes...

Loads of exciting projects really kicking off this week. i forsee some late nights in the studio. EXCITING!
Happy mondays people.
Robert Telegramme


man that snooker table is long!

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Wednesday i  tottled along to a hidden gem with the award winning Art director and illustrator Holly Wales. The St Bride Library features books about every aspect of typography you could care to find. An over whelming array of books dedicated to printing and typography history and their uses and this is just the surface! Someof the Most beuatiful and obscure font colllections ive ever seen covering every aspect of print and typography from every era and generation. WOW! not to mention the awesome and amazingly knowledgeable staff. A must for all on a mission to find, 'something like this but...ummm but a bit like this...' ' oh i know just the book.' YUSS.

Anyway while there i came across this HUGE book from the 50's full of every font i think id every want. i mean it was MASSIVE!... too-heavy-to-accidently-let-slip--in-to-your-bag-massive. I found out it was a catalogue byNew York type pioneers Photo-lettering. Inc. i had heard a little bit about these guys through this House industries project.

Photo-Lettering was a mainstay of the advertising and design industry in New York City from 1936 to 1997. PLINC, as it was affectionately known to art directors, was one of the earliest and most successful type houses to utilize photo technology in the production of commercial typography and lettering. It employed such design luminaries as Ed Benguiat and sold type drawn by the likes of Herb Lubalin, Milton Glaser and Seymour Chwast as well as countless other unsung lettering greats. The company is best known by most of today's graphic designers for its ubiquitous type catalogs.

Info from Photolettering.com

In an age where its so easy to grab fonts from various 'sources' and find 'cool styles' detached from context on sites such as ffffound and flikr, its great to find out about the processes designs pioneers had to go through to achieve the visuals and influence we take for granted. House are now using modern technology to bring photo lettering back making it relevant again, CHECK THIS OUT!


This articooool seems apt to read right now.



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Saturday afternoons from 4 you will most likely find Telegramme at the notting hill arts club. We were asked by Rough trade and Notting Hill arts club to create a series of monthly illustrations to adorn the posters of this weekly club afternoon. Every saturday features an amazing record lable showcasing a whole bunch of bands for free AND happy hour cocktails! come on down and say hello!



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LETS GET PASSIONATE about the things we love and make other people get passionate about the things they love! hell lets just get passionate!







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Id very much like to live here please. Its the work of Architect Arthur Erickson. The Photos are just beautiful without even thinking about how amazing the work is. Thanks to the ever brilliant Grain edit for the tip off.



Our Studio is conveniently placed right next to the new eastlondon line tube station for Dalston. awesome! yes when they finish it and not as it turns out, when they burst a water main that floods the street and causes us to have a power outtage in the whole building. No work happening for us then. Thankfully the lovely chaps as Themes water sorted it out and left us with an afternoon to burn. So i popped along to the Decode exhibition at the V&A.

There is some REALLY nice things there. Its a little small and left me wanting more especially as id seen loads of it before. But check this out for an identity...

'karsten schmidt has created an open source piece for the exhibition’s microsite.
you can watch the video below, or hack the code to create your own unique version.'

Just found this picture of a perceptive till i met a while ago. Happy Friday people im off to a very exciting meeting in a very lovely pub!

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