vimto or american soda

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i really like matt and kim at the moment.

So buck 65 was pretty good last night. Ive never been to the jazz cafe before....very strange venue. We sat at the top and drankj gin and tonics while looking over theshow. Felt very grown up.
anyway the highlight of the eve was the trainride home.
after i goto on the wonderful overland service from camden back hackney wick i could smell vimto in the train. This was really nice and instanty made the journey more fun. then a man who had previously fallen in to me with his bike turned to me saying that he could smell American cream soda. And so a debate nsued with me smelling vimto and he smelling cream soda. Who was putting this smell in to the trains ? the government? TFL? either way a talking point. excellent! then upon him departing the train i was approched by a man telling me the train was making music! As weired as i thought this was i listened and indeed the train was making two alternating frequencies! afggggghhh weired. We then had a discussion about machines macking noises and a documentary i had heard where a man had recorded the machines and computers in his office to hear what overall chord was being produced and whether it was a minor or major chord and how that effects our lives aat work. he then as he left told me check out Alvin Lucia, a founder of the sonic arts union. WHo produced this really interesting piece of work in 1970's.
Wierd, but brilliant journy.
In work related news we have almost finished a new branding job that im pretty excited to show. but we must hold on to it a little longer for now. Im going to be updated the site either today or tomorrow with loads of new illustration and other bits and bobs so look out for that.



stuck in last year

listening to: Drowned economy remix by James Delay
In love love love with this work by Gemma Booth.

I am selling my bike.
Email me for details. robert@telegramme.co.uk Its cheep lovely to ride and i shall be sad to say good bye to it.

Off to see buck 65 tonight. its been a long time since i last saw him. i seemed to remember it was fun.


Best new noise maker EVER

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'They are the musical equivalant of a straight to DVD movie'

listening to: Marques Housten, do you mind......(smoooth).

Just finished these 3 drawings for the Financial times magazine. Is the first part of a 2 week job. So when you all get your FT delivered this weekend whiloe drinking your capachinos on saturday morning you can view our drawings and read all about what JP morgan got up to a few years ago and its knock on effect on the economic world. This has been a super fun challange for me knowing very little about the economy either here in the UK or in Aymericaahh.
As we come to the end of April i have been thinking muchly about the past 2 months. We have been lucky enough to work on some ace projects with some lovely people. I have finally settled in to what i am doing and am feeling fortunate to hangout with and meet some brilliant people. This month I have felt free of mind and happy. A wave of Fear and loathing crept up on me yesterday that i need to shake and embrace what i am doing in and out of the studio. Horray for the world, seeing, listening, meeting, experiencing. Appologies that this is less work related but it all works together in one beautiful mess of life right?

One of our posters was featured on the excellent Grainedit. In an article about the new ADVICE POSTCARD BOOK.

This songis pretty much huge....

Friday - Had to sad sad fairwells to good a friend and get strange on caffinated versions of sailor jerries. too much good fun fancie dressing and a killer DJset byTelegrammes very own Chris Gove, ensued dancing and partying late late througout the night. and fuzzy heads on a very veryearly saturday morning.
Saturday- The Awesome Pulled apart by horses played a super ace shout along set at the always funand perpetually spring brocken ROTA. Found out that Singer and all round super nice man Tom was part of the Ace Nous Vous Collective in leeds. Might have managed to bend his very tired ear and twist his arm in to working on the shhhh its a secrete exhibtion thing in sept. yayyy.
Also managed to stumble upon a pass for the camden CRUEL in the eve. Its such an ace idea but for some reason (over sellingtickets + poor organisation + drunk people everywhere + camden) didnt work. Only saw the (admitedly good) Three Trapped Tigers. I think we decided that they were good but pretty much a band for musicians....'wow look at that (insert piece of equipment)' ' did you hear that time signature...sooooo tech' ect ect. although i play instraments andreally liked there set.
Sunday - long walks followed by scissor kick practicing session(with too late photgraphs.)

so much to do this week. more FT more everything and organising a night of sheer rock goodness.


lets get metal

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So to celebrate the month of may and the wonderful birthdays that full there in we are having a glam metal party at the faactory. We have been lucky enough to secure the emence force that it Attractive package to keep us scissor kicking in to the small hours.
I knocked up this little image ^. Was kind of fun making it as its unlike anything i have done since i left my 'real job' about a year and a half. We never get to make things look shiney anymore. Nice to know i can remember where the layer filters are on the photoshops.
This past weekend was so nice and seemed somewhat super productive. Managed to make it to the excellent Sadie Coles HQ gallery to check out JIM LAMBIE's new show.
I Wasnt particually in to the metal belt chairs but the floor and the records set in to concrete blocks were Amazing. The whole gallery was glowing pink and i managed to get fully disorientated by the patterns. have a better look here.

Then it was back on the bike. It was the first time ive ever ridden in central london. the second you get past holborn the roads become insanly intimidating and with a lack of pump and a semi flat back tire i just escaped near death. fun fun. right so after gettingback on the bikes it was off to the MYTHOLOGIES exhibition at the haunchof venison hosted at . Firstsly the type for this show was awesome. I beleieve it was done by MM PARIS.
The show was pretty broad and and expansive and managed to mix opinions pretty well but i really liked quite a bit of work here.
Back on the bikes arguing about the show and off to bask in beautiful april sunshine and find some cold beers for the park. YUSSS. avoiding insane drivers in town.
So tonight im off to go find out more about a band i managed to catch last week. I cant find anything about them online,myspace or ANYTHING! not to be confused with this band. Sharks seemed to be about 18 and played a set complete with windmills and had a huge gaslight anthem/ springsteen sound. They are on super early at the El Paso Bar on oldstreet. am pretty excited.
i hope everyones week is full of sun and fun.



oh boy

listening to: radio 4 podcasts

for some reason i love the themetune to quantum leap so much its rediculous.
never doesnt make me smile.



i want to be with you everywhere

Listening to: fleet wood mac, Everywhere on an awesome spotify playlist. totally hooked up to my last.fm acount. Deal with that technology.

so i still havent recovered my digital camera yet?!?! a bit concerning. So not so easy to display my every wherabouts/goings on. sorry. i know you will all be so dissapointed.


Always Like This

Had an epic day of running around london for various meetings and what nots. Managed to pop in to the excellent John Purcell Paper to oggle various new stocks that we are getting our hands on for new projects/exhibitions and personal projects. I love going in there totally geeking out and the smell is amazing. Plus the people are soooo super nice except for a man that grunted at us as we left.hmmm.
after many other bits and bobs and meetinsg and WAY too much coffee and shakes. I went to some ace show openings including Tobias Rehberger's new show at Pilarcorrias. Named Cuckoo Clock Show the show pretty much revolves around time.
This image is from anouther show as there isnt any images online yet. ohhh the colours/shapes/timekeeping....please go and enjoy it yourself.
appologies for the awful halfhearted description. im no art critic and there are no pictures and i am super tired. i just really really loved it.

Bed BED bedso much to do tomorrow and letters to write tonight.


welcome painted on the floor.

listening to: Jaguar Love
Just had a spare hour or so this afternoon so cobbled togther an idea i have had floating around in my head for a little while. i love ampersands so much.
i have loads of things i wanted to post up from a pretty lovely long weekend.although my camera seems to have been on a walk out this week. will hunt it down.
off to the veils show now to sit and sell someposters like a traveling sales man.


Rank Colonel-in-Chief & mascot

Listening to: Pull tiger Tail

Ive never really been one for penguin sentimentality. Although i was reminded of this amazing story. I heart norway. does anyone want to give me a studio there for a while?

My Diet today has been been prettybad . Mainly mini eggs and green tea. butcheck out how good the new clipper packaging is!

So i have heard more and more about Andrew Holder over the past few months. I remember seeing his work for the first time on Grain edit. All the praise is SOOOO deserved i love his distorted perspective and incredable colour use! too good.

Talking of colour just found this:

An Exhibition by Geoffrey Todd Smith in chicago.

Incredable detail and colour thats makes your heart melt faster than your eyes.
Please look here for more incredable images.

Yikes is that the time i have to run to kentish town to go see Right away great captain. The acoustic Solo project of Manchester Orchestra.
Appologies there is nothing New to see from our studio thus far this week. We are working on some big new jobs that i cant wait to showall....

love love



listening to: below....

After listening to graveyard girl to death recently i revisited this song by m83. the drums blow my mind.

and that bat for lashes song gives me goospimples everysingle time. GAAH so good.



listening to: jimmy eat world, Bleed american.

Just finished this new editorial piece for velovity magazine. Its about how a new art venture in Dundee can regenerate the city.A fantastic sentiment that i guesse only time can tell if it comes true?

Stubbled upon this video today. its really pretty amazing and reminds me loads of Theo Jansen.
It just blows my mind so much i have no idea how trheyy can be thought of, let alone beginning to engineer the machanics. They are so organic and the movement is beutiful. gasp.

I'd like to move here please. Its such an amazing space so nicely finished! such a 14 year olds dream. i dont think ill grow out of that dream. Its a weired coincidence i found this today as i watched BIG again last night for like 50th time and the bit where he gets his appartment has always been my favourite bit (appart of course from the keyboard bit). I wanted that appartment soooo much when i was 11.

Soooo decisions desisions tonbight. do i go and jonah Matrenga alllllll the way in central or see dananananakroyd just a short bike ride away. damn the two shows in one night conundrum. If anyone want to make my mind up?