name the bike competition!!!!!!!!!!

listening to: Tubelord.I am now the proud owner of the above!! im so excited to get back on a bike after mine was crewly taken from under my nose thanks to over keen party go-ers at the factory a few weeks back.
i know it needs some work! a bit of brasso and wire wool here, some oil there. but it rides like a dream all smooth and silent like adeadly assassin, only nicer.
my last bike that was stolen by mark holt and then returned by this drunk vagrant, before being stolen at said party was named sean bean (sharpe era) for his rugged good looks and debanaire way with the ladies, so i need to find a name for this new guy. any ideas people answers on a virtual comment postcard. and i might find something as a prize for the best one.
anybody that wants a nice autumnal bike ride please let me know.

also big thanks to the lovely people at the ace bike works.

love love

Robert Telegramme


listening to: the sound of my tonsiles swelling up.

Yep pretty much i am illin all over today. my throte has gone and swelled up and i feel rubbish so today is pretty much going to consist of trying to eat liquidized food.... owch, and watching 90's skate movies.

i completly forgot about this jerry hsu section till the other day when someone was playing the song.

enjoy. im off to the doctors.
robert telegramme


engine engine number nine

listening to: the smiths, heaven knows im miserable now.

new illustration for the forthcoming publication from the stranger team.
i saw Jonah Matranga last night!!!! woooooop for me . he covered purple rain and then seamlessly went in to fake plasic trees!!!!! yikes!
love love peoples


Listening to: johnny Cash, The Mercy Seat

New Rota poster illustration for november.

Robert Telegramme


'your so prison core'

Listening to: SO SAY SO, that i bootlegged at the show the other day...shhhhh dont tell anyone....

Robert Telegramme


drop it like its HOT!

Listening to:....

just incase you had forgotten hwo goood this song is

So tonight see's telegramnme off to watch SO saySO a band compiled of some good friends to form: 'a five piece founded by former members of Optimist Club and They Dont Sleep. They will perform a set of shimmering, driving and melodic songs that, whilst maintaining the infectious urgency characterised by their previous projects, is an entirely new and contrasting exploration of songwriting. Vocal interplay drives home melodies which sail over glistening piano and guitar led experimental pop.'


which should be fun. We have done a poster for their official launch gig in november, ill put it up super soon.

loads and loads of exciting projects happening at the moment. cant really go in to any of it just now but ill be posting some new work on the site hopefully very soon. including the new Advice to sink in slowly site. here is a glimps:
if you pop along to My Love for you is a Stampede of horses blog you can get enter an awesome competition to wine a whole bunch of the new posters. what are you waiting for.......away with you now.

Robert Telegramme