sweat horse lesuire trousers

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looking forwrad to seeing danananananananakroyd at reeperbahn festival on thursday.

new site is GETTING THERE!

not long now kids.
loads of exciting new work happeing in our little dalston studio while i work from holly wales' studio in sunny belin. have a look at her new website. yeah!


goodbye summer hello awesome!

listening to: Hew Stevens show on radio 1. - a mixed bag to say the leaste.

I saw this amazing hand painted sign on my way home through the wick yesterday. how good is that type.

A couple of new rota posters, september and october. feels like an age since i last did some of these. Novembers will be coming soon.
Some of the more observant might have notioced that september is a reworking of an old illustration of ours. yes it is. remix to ignition. if its good enough for r kelly its damn well good enough for us. October is all fresh have no fears.

so it felt like the first day of autumn this morning my ride was detouredto go through two parks instead of one to enjoy the end of summer sun. dreeeeaaaammmy.

our good friend and andrew wk aficionado Mr Benjamin Heath has just unveiled his new personal site. some killer work. why not look at his work. realise you need him to work for you and give him lots of money and try to remember how you ever got on without him.

massive friday love....
6 days


running with believers

listening to: the virgins, rich girls.

Just send this little guys head of to get printed in this weeks observer sports monthly suppliments. it feels like a little bit of a departure from the norm for me and also a continuation of things.
When i was working on this i went off in a pretty differant simplified almost collage styles that proved too much of a departure for the art director, but VERY exciting for me. i hope to develope this a bit more before unvailing any new work, but yes...very exciting.

We totally went to paris! yeah!(picture by chrissie abbott) last weekend saw telegramme cough magor bucks for late books eurotube tickets and frolick round paris, to see our work at the pret a porta fashion trade show trend prediction section. We are predicting trends! yes!

this is one of the best salads ive ever had. sooo much coffee and lovely wine was drunk.
I was going to post up a couple of other pictures but realised that my phones camera is just too awful. i really need to invest in a new digital camera.

website is IN PROGRESS!!!! hooorar. hopefully it should be live and beeming by the end of the month. YES!

flatstock is growing ever closer so we are printing a whole bunch of new goodies to take over there and to put on to the new MUCH IMPROVED shop and site when its live.

berlin is just a week away. gosh!


tekno world'

listening to: Alkaline trio.

Just finished this type piece (click it to make it bigger) that needs to be painted on to a squeegy ready to be sent off to the squeegy dragger exhibiton in hamburg.LOTS of hours with a tiny brush surrounded by acrylics then! wooop.

while we're on a type theme:

Just finished this advert for our lovely agency SYNERGY.

soooo much to do. chris and i are off to Paris on friday for an exhibtion!

this is awesome:

the new site and more regular work updates and blog posts are arriving soon. honestly.