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Hi all. I know we are hurtling through 2011 but i thought it might be nice to say happy new year all the same. The blog has been a little neglected while new projects are discussed started and attacked with full gusto! 2011 has thrown its fair share of curve balls and surprises already. I will say however that the main portfolio site will not be updated for a couple of weeks while some new work is collated and a bit of an over haul happens - i dont want to tell to much at this time.  All will become clear in due time

meanwhile have a look at this little editorial for the times review section. Unfortunately editorial decisions meant it was pulled last minuet. not everything gets to see the light of day.. heck isnt that what a blog is for.


The Boardgame Remix Kit

In the rush up to Christmas Telegramme were busy nestled away in our studio working on a project that would light up drab living room corners in the sleepy, post-dinner hours of Christmas Day.

Since we were so busy over the holiday season we didn't really get a chance to show off our latest work so here is a brief run down of the project.

Having been commissioned by game extraordinaires Hide & Seek to design their first home grown offering we helped create The Boardgame Remix Kit.

This included an iPhone application, website, illustrated playing cards and an eBook publication; all uniquely crafted and lovingly implemented.
'Having observed that the four most common household boardgames -- Monopoly, Cluedo , Trivial Pursuit, and Scrabble -- are often tedious and frustrating and overlong, the game designers at Hide&Seek set about to create a whole book's worth of variant rulesets and tweaks that use some or all of the pieces from some or all of the games.'

Telegramme created a bespoke look and feel reminiscent of classic 50's vintage boardgame design and applied this across the board (excuse the pun) on the iPhone app, Website, eBook and playing cards.

The Boardgame Remix Kit Limited Edition Cards

Having featured in The Guardian, BoingBoing.net, Wired and a whole host of game and design blogs the Boardgame Remix Kit has hopefully made a few after dinner gaming sessions that little bit more bearable (even if your uncle always has to win).

Praise for The Boardgame Remix Kit:

'It's fun, it's beautifully designed, and it will save the sanity of anyone stuck indoors over the holidays with nothing but Christmas reruns and stale boardgames.'

'The most insanely clever Christmas gift idea of the year' - BoingBoing.net

'Website of the day' - pocket-lint.com

'...Game design taken to the next level' - Wired.com

Please have a look at our work here: http://www.boardgame-remix-kit.com/