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I am really proud to introduce you to our new home at OPEN, a new studio space we have been part of setting up, with some very talented cohorts.

OPEN is a new studio space for 10 illustrators, 2 educators, a screen printer and a publisher based in De Beauvoir Town, East London.

Our philosophy is to provide support, criticism, dialogue, fairness, opportunity, a sense of belonging and fresh ambition to both our creative work and independent businesses; and in turn help others to benefit from the same.

The two main objectives of Open are education and entrepreneurship.

Stay tuned for full profiles and plenty of news!

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All photos by Owen Richards

Open has been a long time in the making - and we are all super proud about what we are building here both physically and theoretically and we have only just started. Soon we will be opening our new Crit Club, a programme of out of education learning and discussion. So if you are an illustration graduate and are interested in coming to see us for a portfolio review, or just a chat, drop us a line.




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As part of London Design Week our studio mate, illustrator, designer, publisher, all round awesome man, Ryan Todd, was asked to represent England, in a illustration battle against Italy’s, Jacopo Zibar.

Natuzzi asked them both to interpret graphically their vision of London. The resulting work is on display in the windows of Natuzzi’s flagship store and the public are being asked to vote for their favourite interpretation.
This visually impactful display will explore the contrasts between a Londoner’s perspective of the capital versus, a Milanese’s view of London.

The show is on for at leaste the rest of design week and looks great. find more details here.

Last night was the private view, there was vast quantities of good food, better wine and lots of very expensive leather furniture on show at the private view and ryans work really stood out like a refreshing slap to the chops. the wall of giant building block was pretty spellbounding. BON BON RYAN!



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We just took delivery of our latest addition to the general store.... T SHIRTS! These will be properly photographed and launched later in the week. We hope your going to like them!


oh appologies for the worst picture quality.. my blackberry has the worst camera! - no vintage Polaroid edges here.



Editorial for New Scientist magazine about the developments in GM wheat production.

Skate and Create 2010

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I've only just got round to seeing this years Skate and create entries and they just get more and more ridiculous... excellent.
so for those who dont know the deal:

run by transworld skateboarding magazing....
The four teams are made up of a total of six skaters—four pros and two ams.
Each team is given nine days in a warehouse with the same set of obstacles.
Each team is allowed one art director on site.
Each team is assigned one TWS photographer to shoot a feature article for the magazine.
Each team is allowed a film crew to produce a video for skateboarding.com.
The final photo and video product is judged by the TWS edit staff (minus S&C coordinators Skin Phillips and Josh Brooks) on the level of skating, creativity, the use of obstacles, and overall image and video quality.
The winner gets the cover of the magazine and will have a spot reserved in Skate & Create 2011.

these are my favourite 2 of the four... see all and find out more here.

First up Adidas, the pacing is a little slow and static but there are some really really nice optical twists and the final shot reveal is really satisfying.

Lakai. You cant help but be pretty hypnotised by this.. music video? skate film? rad? all! Simply wonderful photography and perfect pacing and feel!great music as well. let it sweep you away this afternoon!

Heres how it came about and may answer why it feels like a music video:
Directed by Ty Evans
About a year ago, I was talking to my friend Tim in the band Ima Robot. He asked me to do a music video for their new song. I had just filmed Neckface throw a Molotov cocktail against a wall at night and loved how it looked. I transferred that idea to skaters skating burning spots from Molotov cocktails, but it was hard to pull off at real spots. But, unfortunately, Ima Robot just went independent, so they couldn’t fund it. Six months later, Rick Howard’s at my house, and we’re talking about Lakai’s yearly budget, and he mentioned that Lakai might do S&C. I showed him my idea for the music video and he was like, “Let’s do it.” I’ve said it before, but there was so much bullshit with making Fully Flared, so it was cool to have everyone psyched and not stressing about their part. It felt how the intro to FF should have felt. So it had a redeeming quality to it. In the end, Lakai used Ima Robot’s song for free, and they got a music video out of it. Funny how things come full circle.

this is still a winner for me from 2008.....

Roll on next year!



This is important i urge people to sign the petition here. or find out more HERE.




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I couldn't resist showing a snippet of a new print project we have finished designing. Now ready for print, this image is part of a larger 4 colour screen print. more helpful details soooooon.




Pre weekend love from Telegramme features a pretty eclectic mix from the studio this week...

If you have anything to recommend to us then drop us an email and maybe we can return the favour with a link or two?


Wiley – Avalanche Music 1: Wiley

Heavy estate beats, smashed cars, prams with dead babies, police, chicken shop, needles, gold chains, dogs that rip your arms off, people that hate you and want all the stuff you bought from working hard for it. Mine's a chicken burger and chips mate.


Im best at being 90’s, skating alot, drawing and listening to shit excuses for punk (lazily peppered with rap). Thats why when i want some nostalgia i listening all 3 MCM albums in a row and wish I was born in Tokyo wishing I could move to London. This Friday I offer, Mad Capsule Markets – Good Girl


Someithing a little differant this week. After ignoring every possible advert put to me by Spotify i had to be tipped off to this GEM by the more attentive ears of Holly Wales .

Interactive audio novel from Hurts.

This is a band i know nothing of other than a few posters around Shorditch. But this is pretty special...

The first people to utilize Spotify in a whole new fun way., Manchester band Hurts have put together a whole interactive novel simular to the old create your own story books I used to obsess over as a geeky child, pretending to be the protagonist of a far away sci fi adventure, choosing the right path to escape danger or falling in to a worm hole to certain death. collaberating with author, Joe StretchHurt have made the legitimate grown up version.

Hosted by Spotify, the project allows fans to control a central character. Removing any stable tracklisting, the plot will unravel as the user sees fit allowing for any number of possible solutions.

A user led experience, the project is narrated by Anna Friel. Titled 'Don't Let Go' the audio novel is a ground breaking experience, utilising the Spotify programming in an entirely unique way.

Each chapter of the novel has been published as a track on Spotify, and can be located by typing a unique code into the search field. After listening to a chapter online the user is offered a choice on what to do next.

The plot is a typically grandiose affair, given the track records of bothHurts and Performance. Your mission - should you choose to accept it - is to stop arch villain Guy Lockhart from distributing his heartbreak cocktail and condemning humankind forever to a loveless, empty existence.

The two groups are close friends, with Joe Stretch using his alternative career as a novelist for 'Don't Let Go'.


Fun, engaging, atmospheric and orgional! ...maybe i should listen to them now... maybe...



Full page and spot illustration for Financial Times weekend magazine. Suspicion, corruption and power battles over the worlds gold...




And it's Friday again. Wow that was fast. Life is indeed slipping away but don't look so glum about it. It'll all feel better with a soundtrack. My selection for this week is a difficult one. I'm tempted to say Arcade Fire for a third time and risk looking like a maniac but alas I havn't the guts.

So it's got to be PVT (formerly Pivot who had to change their name because of a legal battle with a band of the same name). This track of thier dark and moving new album is the standout soundtrack to my life slipping away. Emo.


So this week, thanks to a friend reminding me of Millencolin's 'no cigar', and all this talk of the general year 2000 vibe to reading, i have been revisiting Epitaph's PUNK O RAMA SERIES.
As wiki describes it -

Punk-O-Rama was the title given to a series of ten compilation albums published by Epitaph Records between 1994 and 2005. The first volume was released in 1994, the second in 1996, and the rest annually from 1998 to 2005. The albums included artists from Epitaph's roster as well as from its subsidiary label ANTI- and its partnership labels Hellcat Records and Burning Heart Records. In total the series included 257 songs contributed by 88 different artists.

the whole series is pretty consistent...so many hidden gems and a few stinkers but what do expect the series is almost 10 years long.

its been powering me through all the css ive been buried in this week and it cant help but make you smile.

The whole series is pretty consistent...so many hidden gems and a few stinkers but what do expect the series is almost 10 years long.

It's been powering me through all the css ive been buried in this week and it cant help but make you smile.