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As a coincidence to the previous post i have just finished a couple of little editorials for the latest issue newly redesigned Eurostar magazine. I thought it might be nice to show a couple of pages of my sketch book and the finals to show how I worked it up from brain to paper...


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BRAVO Nils Guadagnin

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HOVERBOARD - NILS GUADAGNIN from nils guadagnin on Vimeo.
The Hoverboard is a project born in 2008 for an exhibition named "Back To the future". This work is a copy of the hoverboard from the movie Back to the Future II. Integrated into the board and the plinth is an electromagnetic system which levitates the board. A laser system stabilises the object in the air.
In the making of this work, I was thinking about different ways of presenting sculpture. In fact it's a reflexion on the multiple possibilities of how to give a sculpture full spatial autonomy.

At least once every couple of months ill be blown away with what technology can do. Recently THIS. Eventually the conversations lead to, 'yeah thats amazing, but if they can do that, why dont we have hover boards yet?'.

The video is really nicely shot and seems to capture the playful nature of the piece pretty well. For me the fact that its permanently stationary is a real twists to the piece, it can no longer function when it tries to complete its purpose.  The hover board is designed to wizz us around the world of tomorrow, yet this can leave the magnetic plynth it hovers above for fear that gravity might pull it back down to 2010. 2010!!!! shouldnt we have hover boards by now....