Listening to: Hot Club De Paris

SOOOOOO desided to spend the sunnyest sunday in the new studio. i cant get enough of it. For those not in the know. We have just moved in to a wonderful new Studio in Dalston, East london. I dont have any pictures yet as i am seriously without a digital camera at the moment. anyone who is selling one super cheep PLEASE get in contact. But i assure you its lovely and we have the radest roof to hang out on!
sooo the image above is a new poster for the advice to sinnk in slowly project i think. To be honest i just to the studio and started playing with some ideas i have written on a scrap peice of paper i found in my pocket.
there are many other things i was going to post up including a selection of some AMAZING graduates i saw over the past week. but these will wait until later in the week when i dont have the lure of a hot park and cold beer.