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Oliver Sent me this....

one of the best things ive ever seen.
happy friday.


tour de shop

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Hey all my very good friend Camille Roman of Tour de force is hosting a fun afternoon of making and taking (for free).

go along and get your selve a bow and meet the lovelyest lady in headwear design.

Robert Telegramme


'Im bring back the monacle...MonaCOOL!!!'

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Photos by Alex Oliver
This weekend saw us miss going along to the cambridge 'Poster Roast', as we have been bsuy building our new printing studio and printing madly for an exhibtion opening tomo. But we managed to get some posters down to this ace event so our presence was there in some form Big thanks go to the awesome Alex of Thr33 Designs. who put the whole thing on.
Pennines played as did the excellent Tellison. and by all accounts it was a wonderfully riotous affair with some amqazing prints by equally amazing people.

The new shop will be up and running hopefully by the end of tomorrow along with some new designs and things to buy!!!

I will be doing a mail out sometime on wednesday so dont hesitate to sign up to out mailing list and get all the latest news from the depths of the telegramme studio.

big printed love
Robert Telegramme


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The very very very early stages of a BIG new project can be sen here. The Tabernacle is an amazing vnue reopening and getting a full rebrand from the good ship Telegramme. The logo is now nailed and the website and promo/posters/brochures and all the rest will b coming very soon. so have a look at the holing page and read up on your venue history. This place is awesome!

This is good...

Star Wars: Retold (by someone who hasn't seen it) from Joe Nicolosi on Vimeo.

but not as good as THE GASLIGHT ANTHEM.

i think im heading out on my bike to avoid the 12 hour long drum and bass party.

Robert Telegramme
p.s. email chris and tell him to use the blog i slaved making him.
title it ...... 'chris why dont you use this blog Robert kindly made you....you douche'

Woman Eyes

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Le Chat from Woman Eyes on Vimeo.

This video was produced for the excellent Women Eyes by the just as excellent Alexander Turvey.
I was lucky enough to have helped out on this shoot last year. It was awesome to see it all happen and their hardwork has definatly paid off.
Best song to start your love weekend.

In other news we have been featured over on the creative review blog! Thanks to Kezia for not making us sound too much like clueless fools.

The studio has been pretty mad this week with us all preparing for our party at the weekend as we turn the peanut factory in to Paris complete with 8ft 3d Eiffel tower. Im creating the cafe complete with handpainted sign. all shall be revealed in photos next week.

big real genuine love to everyone!!!

Robert Telegramme

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