Listening to: MirahAbove is a new illustration for the august poster for rough trades 'ROTA'. I will upload it properly to the main site in our next update.

Im off to the park right now to grab the evening sun and start sketching out a new very exciting project.

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i think i might have alienated the kansas merch scene by busting their scam

Listening to: 'Boo Human'- Joan of Arc

This was on the wall of the studio we've been printing in recently as we continue to build our print room at the factory....this week we got a kick ass pressure washer and FINALLY sourced the bulb we need for our exposure unit.

In other news, we finished laying out a lovely poster for UNKLE today and it will be printed up next week.

IM on holiday from friday! BRILLIANT!

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Yeah i used to be in to metal, well yeah i liked system of a down.

Listening to: 50 Cent- Get Rich or Die trying

After pizza the other week, I found this Beautiful hand painted sign.




Listening to: Ambitions

I shot this just round the corner from the studio
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Listening to: Coconut Records, 'West Coast'

Last week we were asked to design and print up a whoooollleeee load of posters for White Denims Euro tour:

A very limited few left over are now available in the SHOP!
I just saw this video and liked it very much....I havent seen Mark Gonzales skate for ever. i do own one of his books though.soooooo lar de daa.

happy friday
Listening to: Bob Dylans Theme time radio hour, 'Walking'.

Our new studio door is candy floss gloss pink! YUSSS!!!!

Happy Birthday to our good friend luke, and a big thanks you for the family bbq yesterday....much fun was had...

we passed the parcel, complete with riddles, 'what gets wet as it dries....'worst picture of the best jug EVER!

lu made cheese cake......the BEST cheesecake!

All in all amazing!

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junior junior junior spesh

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JUst a short one to saaaayyyyy.....
The SHOP is now OPEN for business. Its a little empty at the moment..although not for long.
this week we have:

Been building and clearing and very messy and unbuilt print studio. its getting closer to being finished!!!wooooop.

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