'do you think he wrote it about vanessa felts' depression?'

listening to:thats right its nineties dance Friday!!!!

Weekend events:
Tonight is the opening of ArtKandy's 'first born', they are finallly opening a gallery in the east end.
New Austin Gallery opening tonight on 119 Bethnal green rd. the soirée begins at 8.

ROTA of course, Attack in Black are playing theire only uk show. They are officially one of my new Favourite bands at the moment and apparently amazing live!

Los Campansinos play After Skool Club

have a lovely spring time weekend
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Design and the Elastic Mind

listening to: Daggermouth.

I just finished watching this video for an incredible inspirational exhibtion, '
Design and the Elastic Mind':
taken from, Cool Hunting.

I was stuck in the studio till pretty late last night so missed PORTASOUND and TIRED IRIE in Hoxton. I heard it was a good show. I am really liking 'pint of nesquick' on portasounds myspace, it makes me feel very odd, in a very good way.

Lots of exciting projects in the pipeline and some new posters to go up online very soon.

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Listening to: the video below.YAAAAAARRRRR!!!!

This is aces, i havent heard any old school punk like this for ages. woooooooo!
we need to get the studio mini ramp built very soon.

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keyboards of power!!!!!!

listening to:Yndi Halda

Chris sent me this....i hope it begins your week with fun and insane colour. lightning should fire from all keyboards.

quite quite amazing. The synth sound is actually incredable. how do you pitch a video like that... what is the treatment???


i missed rota this week... and by all accounts i missed a really good one.
Attack in black are playing on Saturday though so all is not lost.


owch my lungs

Listening to: no idea what it is...some idie band on the leon cafe playlist???im not desperate to find out...oh wait Elliot smith just came on.

check out the craftmanship of our new breakfast bar in the studio!!! its amazing what can be done with some 'found' old, iron frames and some rusty doors. Chris spent a weekend with our architect and power tool loon friend, Hartle and whipped up this little construction. I spent a while sanding down one of the doors, hoping to never have to use it again, metal dust aint pretty.
im working on building a wooden top for it at the moment. This is all a distraction because i dont have the cable to upload the photos of dashboards show last night....dashboard in a church. very strange indeed.
Having arrived late not only did we not manage to grab a picture of the merch table ladened with our posters, we also managed to miss John Ralston. The venue was simply amazing despite the pretty awful sound, most likely due to the fact of our late coming we only managed to get a space behind the pa. It seemed like everyone had a lovely time and the kids sang and the parents sat and dashboard screamed.
ill upload a picture tomorrow maybe. for now i have posters to draw.

OH and thanks to Jasmin for sorting death cab tickets!!!!!!

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Maple state session

Listening to: The maple state in session

Some amazing new songs in this half hour session. They sound pretty influenced by the new brandnew album, but this can only be a good thing in my eyes. watch out for a very odd interview though.

Dashboard tonight at the St James's Church in Picadilly! woooo.

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vanessa felts

Listening to: The Chemical Brothers, 'Star Guitar'.

I had Completly Forgotten about this song untill after a weired Conversation with lu took us from Vanessa Felts to phats and Small to mojo and onwards to more 90's dance, although this is a little later than the previous and perhaps somewhat more credable.

New Posters added.

Robert Telegramme.

new Joan of Arc song

Listening to: Joan of Arc, 'A tell tale penis'

Read a load of this (from jan) that ive only just seen:
'Joan of Arc has finished their latest release Boo!Human and it will be mixed this week. The release is scheduled for June on Polyvinyl. Expect an extensive tour in support of this.'

They have a new song, A tell tale Penis' on thier myspace and i cant really stop listening to it. Cant wiat for the album! I was trying write a little about it and the history of this band but realised im in no way a music journalist, any way read here and i strongly recommend having a listen. Hoory for 'Kinsella Core'!! (Im going to make that catch on, Jasmin)

Robert telegramme


Sign of the times (thats awful, sorry)

Listening to: The melodica, melody and me.

So I finally put up one of the signs ive been painting for the factory. You can just see out front door 'honker'.
ill grab a picture of the front door ones on my way out in a minuet.

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