We print gold

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New 2 colour print based on the local pawnbrokers. available very soon.


drunk on chicken

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The weekend didnt go as planned but i think thge suprise ofevents worked out a ok anyway.
Didnt make it to the private view i was supposed to go to on friday but ended up seeing the virgins at KOKO. who were ummmm...... he had good shoes on. Due to friday rudly falling all over saturday morning i managed to not make it to hampstead for the carboot sale but found 2 yes two house clearance polaces jut off roman road! ACE! picked up a whole bunch of records with some lovely tyype and a new camera that im gonna try out this week!



HI! Fives

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Inspired by a huge hi five session last night that resulted in me getting kicked out of a dressing room at KOKO i knocked up this type thing for a new sign that im going to paint tomorrow.
REAALLY want to do it now (like a spoilt brat) but am off to see old friends in the glorious dalston.


my heart going boom boom boom

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oi oi clean shirt

Listening to: Friday studio bangers...(len - steal my sunshine!hahahahahah).

Look at my lovely new SHINEY SCREEEEN!yus! been borrowing a screen for mostof this year so finallydesided tostump up for my own. soo pleased i have. it brings up all the details i miss in work. no where to hide now.
Thanks to Zosienka for the ace ace ace willam morris postcard that popped through the telegramme letter box this week. I had no idea what he looked like and the portrait is just brillaint. i need to get hold of an old style bow tie for telegrammes dress up fridays. just need to learn how to grow a moustach.
Wednesday i took a trip to the Russian club Gallery/studio space for a private view. Having not been there yet me the building/ space dwarfed the show for me. The invites were fantastic and set to a generic design by Tommorow Studio.

Thanks to this brilliant blog. i came accross this flickr group of Ghost Signs. Such nice type fading away. Really reminds me of back home in eastleigh where we had old terrace houses with old nestles adverts on the side. So pleased that there is still some around eastlondon still. Are they protected? they so should be. Look at the photos here.

Olympus XA vs LOMO LCA

So i have been lookingin to getting my Lomo Fixed or Even coughing up the big bucks to get a replacemnt for my poorly picture partner.
however some advice suggests i should save some money and invest in a Olmpus XA.

This video is ace. I want this man next to me at all times just advicing me what to do in my life.
I am currently looking on ebay for an Olympus XA.

Tonight i am off to check out the James Taylor Gallery and a couple of installations.I have yet to goto this Gallery Run by the lovely Will Evans(who is also exhibiting). So really interested in the space. See you down there.

oohhhh also im super excited to go to my first carboot of the year tomorrow in hampstead! AGGHHHH should be brillaint. Although it looks like rain rain rain. woooop!

I recently rediscovered this quote from Van gough that used to adorn my wall when i was living in cornwall.
''I feel there is nothing more truly artistic than to love people.''

love love love
robert (artist)


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Just finished this little editorial piece for travel magazine, Velocity.
Was cool getting to work on the concept for the piece instead of just following scamps. Nice little brain box challange. This piece is about the impact of swearing and advertising in differant languages on you perception. I hope that comes across.
I keep running out of time in my days. Sooo deperate to get on with some other things but getting swamped by work, commitments and tirdness this week.
Robert Telegramme



Listening to: Never Meant (Acoustic), Mike Kinsella. (thanks Owen)

I found these design treats in the ol cleaning cupboard the other day and ment to post them up here. Just got round to it. They are soooo fantastical. The zamo lable has such ace type and the colour is brilliant. Ive just realised weirdly that the factory is just literally just round the corner. with even better hand painted type look.........

Came about this photography yesterday:

J bennett fitts from Kansas City makes these beautiful stark images of old americana. incredable light and bleatched out colour but with a great, earrie stillness.
Im ready to move there now.
Robert Telegramme



Listening to: 6music, hopeing for anouther shout out on the rediculous George lamb Show.

^This weekend^Decided i wanted a scooter.Drank The best coffee in the whole of London (maybe) and sat in a lovely new summer happy pub.
Loads of work getting finished and started this week. New illustration jobs and some more work on the New Taberbacle site.
Going to have to resisit the lure of outside this week!
been trying to work on some other bits and bobs of personal work recently. heavely inspired by BIG type and signs at the moment.
found the work of RIPO thismorning. some of it is a little too graffiti but there is some amazing classic type work.

I AM so super inspired at the moemnt. it feels great. just need more time in the day.

All this and trying to finish the Second of my seasonal split ep's with pip at the moment. spring is sprung and i havent recorded my half yet. think its looking like 3 songs each. HOPEFULLY available for free download on Easter Sunday... and thats next this sunday i think?!im really happy with the songs ive done. A little worried about the words. They are a little.....ummm i guesse obvious (blatent might be the best phrase) and really honest. and thats always a bit strange to send out in to the world. but i am pleased with them. just need to nail the recordings.

Does anyone know of a really good monitor going for really cheep. going to be monitorless midweek this week and need a new one. any suggestions very welcome.

hope all is beutiful in your worlds.xx


'Elvis choking on a whole goose'

Listening to: copy haho

As my 'listening to' indicates, i am listening to the excellent copy haho.
I cant think of a better way to end the working week (although im working most of the weekend).
go go now now. Listen. enjoy. dance.
Some how i came across a pretty killer mixtape thing they did here for The line of Best Fit which looking at it is a pretty rad music blog site. Check out the incredable Delgados song on it and a mindblowing Life without buildings song at the end. Yikers.

Tommorow im off to see a hero of my youth and still a hero in my 'later youth(? does that work)', Darren hayman, who is playing afree show in Laytenstow.

Super excited as i havent seen him play for a while. Managed to catch him at an instore at rough trade a couple of months ago i recall but instores are weired and too short.

It must almost be summer. their is an ant on my desk. wooooooo. Right bike rides to meetings and a cold one awaits.

love love



'whats in your cup?' 'rum' 'like rumplestiltskin?'

Listening to: Benton falls.

Working away on The new Tabernacle site this week, its been ace and Super difficult which has also been ace. Have been focusing loads on new illustrations and almost forgetting design. But feel like im falling back in to it aok espesially as we embark on a new project that we have been researching this week (more will be explained in time).
However on my travels on the internet i came across this incredable london based architecture and design company 'FAT'. Their choice of colour and shape is incredable and continues through thier architecture to their furnature design and beyond. Its simply beutiful. look look....

Been struggling with music this week so could REALLY do with some s
uggestions. Especially as myspace keeps doofing up. so anything on spotify would be brilliant please... any shared playlists?????
Off on bike convoy to a few openings tonight. No idea what exactly but will try and share them on the morrow. Will also try and spy the blue house above that is apprently really near me??
maybe i can find it on google maps street view. Its totally blown my mind. i knew they were doing it but didnt realsise its was live now?!?!!! sooooooooo weired.




Listening to: The Shins. (hoooooray for spring)!!!!!

So i have been lucky to have been visited by the postman twice in the last 2 days!!!!
and BOTH times a little postcard book popped in to the Telegramme letter box.
Yesterday i recieved Volume 2 of the Advice to sink in slowly postcard book. THANKS john. Its looking brilliant. Hot on the heels of the first one it features 24 differant postcards passing on sage wisdom for new students including ours below.... Absolutly love the cover by Frank Chimero. Totally check his work out.

The site we have deisgned for advice to sink in is still in build stages. But is getting pretty close to completion and is look RAD! Cant wait to show it to all. Im really pleased with it and the project is really gonna blow up when its launched.

Today i recieved this little book ...

...from the lovely Yee Ting Kuit. It features A whole bunch of brilliant female illustrators including Yee. You can check it out HERE with much better images. My camera was being duff today.

Saw this this morning and blew my coffee fueled head off, i couldnt sit still. Is rediculous but super fun. AWESOME!

Pulled Apart By Horses - Meat Balloon from Donut Shop on Vimeo.

Managed to only make it to one show last night due to getting stuck in the studio till later than planned. booooooooo. Did get to finally see the outcry collective who we have recently done a pitch for their album sleeve was good to see them in action. and loud and RAWWWWWK they were too. not shy of a solo either. Here is one of the covers we pitched with no idea whats happening with it......



Manchester orchestra

Listening to: headlights, tokyo

Hot off the Telegramme Press. Just finished this poster for the Manchester Orchestra at the Barfly. Im so excited about seeing them and have been rewatching a whole bunch of thier tour podcasts.
They are friends with the hilarious and always excellent to see kevin devine which, when spending my friday evening with a good friend watching old pop punk videos in an effort to regain our every disspearing youth made me remember this video (that is a badly constructed sentence if ever i read one):

i think Kevin told this story last time we saw him at the borderline. either way its brilliant.

Tonight i was planning to try to see three shows in one night! would be pretty ace except i got carried away in the stuio and then have been offered a spagetti bolegnaise that i cant refuse. so looks like itll have to just be too as i wont make it to see televised crimewaves instore single release show. which is a shame as i havent seen those guys in an age and was hoping to party briefly withthem before hoping back on the bike to see so say so's show at the hoxton bar and grill before back on the bike to trundle to the old blue last to catch the Outcry collective...phewwwww. bike ride gig a thon!
Listening to: the call center for our server talk absolute rubbish down the phone to me.

Aggghhhhh we are having a bloody nightmare with our servers at the moment. so many appologies if we are delayed replying to you on email or the site is down when you come to have a look. in a word they are shit.

Right calme your self robert.... have a look at the new piece of work above and jump in to in to spring. Its a new rota poster image but will also be available as a new print in the shop very soon. and hopefully a tote bag for the summer.

I was hopeing to have a picture of our new front door sign to show you but alas last night i worked on some ace new posters that im finishing today and watched Nick and Nora's infinate playlist. Kind of a good but poormans Juno. But a killer soundtrack obviously. I then proceeded to have a heated debate with my housemates as to weather you can actually live in teen film moments. ive decided it can happen and am going to model my life soely upon living in dawsons creek.....ummmm yeah maybe not.

chris and i have been shouting ship and wreck at each other:




Listening to: Pennines

The Stamp finally arrived today. woooooo gonna start stamping everything in site. Chris also got that Stags head one made up....ummmm awesome much.

in Other news i keep noticing how i write teh instead of the pretty much everytime i write it. Good one dislexia.


Listening to: The Adam and Joe Podcast

Friday was good riotous animal filled fun as the cats got to hang out with Lu's dog bert from upstairs. They still dont know quite how to take his size and pure unbridled enthusiasm.
I think they want to be friends.....

One in 8 million
I fell in love with this project when I found it on FECAL FACE last week. its really pretty incredable. The photography is beutiful and the storys facinating. It reminds me loads of This american life on NPR. So i was an instant fan and got sucked in to my computer screen.

In other news I didnt get round to posting this up last week, im very slack with this blogging business but am trying to be better honest. but anyway.... Fueled by red stripe, Loren and i have been busy with our weekends painting a whole hoast of signs for the factory and beyond. we are going to put the new front door sign up tonight so ill post a picture of it tomorrow.
then it was all about the bike rides with adam and loren....