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My goodness De Beauvoir town is blooming blossoming! not to be confused with this.
Work on the New website has started. Writing is being written, work is being collated and designs are being designed . I waited just long enough that nearly everyone i speak to is pissed off with the never changing RE-jig page. Excellent!




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This pretty much sums up my thoughts about work right now.
We all know the work of saul bass but i I have to admit that past the super famous work that Saul bass created in his prestigious career (His work with Hitchcock in the 60's etc) i was pretty ignorant to his perhaps lesser known film experimentations, his philosophies and i knew little about the man himself.
So when an old friend mentioned NETWORK AWESOME were showing a feature on Saulbass. i jumped to it.

Featuring a selection of interviews, short films and his famous titles sequences NA also has a wonderful article about the man written by Pat Kirkham, a design lecturer and historian. It works well to give you a taste of a wider feild of work and a glimps in to his apparently wonderfully passionate attitude towards making and teaching. Awsome indeed.

for those who donet know anything about Newtwork awesome, their about page does a pretty good job of explaining:
Network Awesome is a platform for entertaining and interesting TV. We spotlight the best from the past to create something new for the future. In a sense it’s TV about TV but our wider intent is to show something about culture as a whole. This can manifest itself in a kids cartoon from 1973, an interview from 1948 or a movie from 1993 – We’re pretty open minded about what Network Awesome is and what it can be. It’s our commitment to provide you what we think is interesting and clever TV - hopefully you agree.

Because Network Awesome is an online platform, we collect all our programming from fully public sources. We claim no proprietary rights over any programming. We just collect, organize and present it to you in a nice and tidy package. Quality is our goal and only guiding light.

Im really into thier style of curation, the videos are collected and presented to you in a succinct solid form with further reading and investigation if you want it but no confusing 'you might like' / 'related video' endless path distractions. a sort of reliable semi-on-demand-channel.

plus they show loads of the old 60's spiderman and batman cartoons. YUSS.


good stuffs.



on my walk back to the studio from breakfast this morning i noticed this sign that i have somehow managed to miss everytime, i walk up hoxton street. Ive no idea how! I love the muted colout pallet and super simple icons.

S    H    O   P        L    O   C   A   L



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found this next door to my local coffee shop.

Car Respray

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