Super busy week, more planning of new projects and a couple falling nicely in to place. All will be revealed early next week! Straight in to things ....


90s skate grunge rock – Dinosaur Jr . The Album ‘Farm’ is getting on to a year old, but ive only recently got around to bloody loving it.

Further Listening


My entry today -

This version is as close as I can find to the performance of Of Montreal in the beautiful short film 'I'm Here' by Spike Jonze.

I rode along the canals today to this track and it had me in a fixated stare into another world. Such a driving bass line and powerful performance.

See the live performance HERE.

"Things could be different, but they're not."


I Bought this album last month ( i think) and havent really stopped listening to it! A differant beaste to thier last ('59 sound) but no less breath taking. Big guitars, super engaging hooks, and brilliant story telling from Fallons raspy vocals. Just wonderful. Got to see them a few weeks back and they have stepped up their live show. Stadium fillers for sures.


Really nice insight to the myspace secret show posters process from the guys at Vahalla.

once again wonderful work from Micah Smith. I alsready own a couple ofhis prints. Might be time for some more..




we can post work here and they can see it and comment below


We were asked by Random House publishers to art direct their forthcoming CYCLOPEDIA. Cover and a few internal illustrations shown here. Photos to follow when we receive our copy.

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A summery pattern commissioned by Shoreditch house for their summer promotions.




Editorial for Eurostar magazine about the overload of wedding invites.


An editorial for Ryan Air Magazine about the revenge of the nerds. Bit close to home this one.


Editorial for Ace tennis magazine focusing on the inclusion of tennis upcoming Commonwealth Games in India.


London to Brighton 2010

Listening to: one of the chaps from Jonquil's new project

Sunday saw Chris and I take on the 100KM journey form london to brighton. Having only ridden a max of about 25 miles in one stretch. This was a little daunting. it didnt fail to live up to my fears.
Our group was a bit like a mighty ducks style collection of misfits and wildcards form the wrong side of the tracks. Telegramme certainly represented the less prepared side of the spectrum. It turns out Dickies and vans arnt the professionals' clothing of choice and boy did we feel it 50 miles in. Full credit to chris for nailing it on his FIXED wheel!BOOM! must have been the Andrew WK t shirt and i pod combo.

7 riders, 3 punctures, 3 falls, one gash to the face thanks to metal posts, 2 fixed wheels, 3 wrong turns, 100KM, 1 rediculously huge pub lunch, 8 hours.
Thanks to George and Rich for guiding us, sorting it all out and the killer bacon sandwiches.
Summery (via @richardtid): George Waltz - Team Captain, never really looked phased, powerful, energetic, hungry for victory, like a Lion (on a bicycle)

George Hitman - The Underdog, but  ultimately proved himself a powerhouse, crushing every incline in front of him, bonus points for gnarly head slash.

Bobby "Evans Cycles" - The Indie Soldier, never leaving a man behind, real team spirit, good internal pop punk soundtrack kept him going.

Chris Gove - The City slicker, out of his natural habitat, but absolutely slewing those hills with one gear. The cycling embodiment of Andrew WK.

Dean Gaffney - True Eastend cycling potential, good hat and epic salt marks.

Adam Bright - One word Determination, had all the bad luck, but kept on anyway. Proper badman.

Richard Fresh Fixed - Dad cycling




Hi Folks, its been a week of mixed projects, LOTS of writing of proposals, articles and plans. With all this concentrating on words, we have had the studio stereo turned down...although only a little, have no fear.
There is a Slight theme running through this weeks musical choices, maybe its the heatwave making a comeback or excitement for  our weekend bike ride to the  beach (60Km to brighton? no probs). vintage feeling/Surfy/hipster/washed out/punk rock has been a real trend at the moment but still feels pretty good to float you through summer.


Wavves -

Their new single King of the Beach, is out on the 3rd of august, they are playing down the road at cargo TONIGHT talk about an up to the minuet blog!

Listen here to the first Album: Wavves – Wavvves and bath in washes of poppy distortion.

Check out the New Slightly more crisply produced single on their myspace.


This song has been around for what seems like forever but this is the first time ive seen the video, it made me chuckle in places and the song is still rad... more wav(v)es of washy fuzzzzzz to sweep you off your inflatable dolphin.


James has been away in Italy listening to his own music made with his band PORTASOUND so im (bobby) gonna steal his go aswell.

I have been listening to the Soft pack self titled album all summer its so warm and mega upbeat.  BON BON!

Listen to the Album here

Bit of a short post as im off to investigate the new studios roof and have a well earn t beer.



SHHHHHHHHHshh not yet....

Listening to: The Gaslight Anthem – We Came To Dance

I couldn't resist showing you a sneak peek of an upcoming, super fun project for Telegramme to kick start the long delayed 'TELEGRAMME's GENERAL STORES', an ongoing series of projects creating lovely things for people to take home... a bit cryptic but i hope i can reveal all soon.



Game Set and Match

Listening to: The Twilight Sad

Just finished this Otl Aicher inspired full page editorial for Ace Tennis Magazine. Great to get on a real editorial Stint this last week. Really been using these to try out a couple of new techniques and colour combos.



HI GUYS, welcome to a new little item on our Blog, Telegramme listening post. At the end of every week We will choose some things that we have been listening to here in the studio. New bands we have come across, music videos that inspire, cover artwork to admire or just something to sountrack your friday afternoon. So heres whats been floating out of the studios windows on the warm hazey breeze ...


On the back of news that my beloved Bombay Bicycle Club are releasing a new album this month, I have made a playlist of a few of their more unknown, folky tracks. Some of these tracks are actually featured on the new album and the track 'Ivy & Gold' is a perfect sunny accompaniment to a picnic with a beautiful French maiden in luscious corn fields. Hot.



Well this Weeks been a real mix, with a real battle between lazy summer loveliness from Wild Nothing and BIG guitars to power me through an ever growing to do list! The guitars have it this week. Poster Roast Favourites and all round good chaps Pulled Apart by horses' Album came out a couple of weeks ago and has been my studio accomplice this week. Stupidly fun, mega fast and multiple mentions of Hi-fives can only be brilliant thing to work/party to. ULTIMATE POWER!!!



A new(ish) Big scary monsters signing. Somthing of a slight departure from the norm for BSM, Tall Ships Ep is wonderfully complex and poppy at the same time. I cant stop listening to 'Books'!

They are playing a whole shedload of dates look here.

Let us know what you think of this lot / your lot.

We'll get back to putting work up here super soon aswell...

Fridy love ! TELEGRAMME




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Branding, Visual language, exhibition graphics and Website featuring an online shop.

Telegramme have been involved in the UK gig poster scene for a few years now, so its been great seeing it go from strength to strength.

Poster Roast Set up in 2007 by Chris White (3d Glasses), and now assisted by his future wife Alex Curtis (Thr33 Designs) Its intention is to help develop and promote Poster Artists within the UK. Initially a great opotunity for all the artists to get together, drink beer and watch thier favourite bands to the backdrop of their posters, has grown to the point the point that POSTERROAST.com is now THE one stop shop for the UK gig artists and collectors.

Telegramme have worked closely with Chris and Alex the whole way, to create a brand visual that reflects PR's humble beginnings but is ready to cover the eclectic styles of 15 + artists from around the country and is continually growing....

All photos by - Owen Richards