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just incase you had forgotten hwo goood this song is

So tonight see's telegramnme off to watch SO saySO a band compiled of some good friends to form: 'a five piece founded by former members of Optimist Club and They Dont Sleep. They will perform a set of shimmering, driving and melodic songs that, whilst maintaining the infectious urgency characterised by their previous projects, is an entirely new and contrasting exploration of songwriting. Vocal interplay drives home melodies which sail over glistening piano and guitar led experimental pop.'


which should be fun. We have done a poster for their official launch gig in november, ill put it up super soon.

loads and loads of exciting projects happening at the moment. cant really go in to any of it just now but ill be posting some new work on the site hopefully very soon. including the new Advice to sink in slowly site. here is a glimps:
if you pop along to My Love for you is a Stampede of horses blog you can get enter an awesome competition to wine a whole bunch of the new posters. what are you waiting for.......away with you now.

Robert Telegramme

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