name the bike competition!!!!!!!!!!

listening to: Tubelord.I am now the proud owner of the above!! im so excited to get back on a bike after mine was crewly taken from under my nose thanks to over keen party go-ers at the factory a few weeks back.
i know it needs some work! a bit of brasso and wire wool here, some oil there. but it rides like a dream all smooth and silent like adeadly assassin, only nicer.
my last bike that was stolen by mark holt and then returned by this drunk vagrant, before being stolen at said party was named sean bean (sharpe era) for his rugged good looks and debanaire way with the ladies, so i need to find a name for this new guy. any ideas people answers on a virtual comment postcard. and i might find something as a prize for the best one.
anybody that wants a nice autumnal bike ride please let me know.

also big thanks to the lovely people at the ace bike works.

love love

Robert Telegramme

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  1. Call it Per Yngve Ohlin. Not enough bikes get called that. And get an RSS feed thing. I don't know how to link to you. What?

    If you're free on wednesday come over for dinner too.