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Friday was good riotous animal filled fun as the cats got to hang out with Lu's dog bert from upstairs. They still dont know quite how to take his size and pure unbridled enthusiasm.
I think they want to be friends.....

One in 8 million
I fell in love with this project when I found it on FECAL FACE last week. its really pretty incredable. The photography is beutiful and the storys facinating. It reminds me loads of This american life on NPR. So i was an instant fan and got sucked in to my computer screen.

In other news I didnt get round to posting this up last week, im very slack with this blogging business but am trying to be better honest. but anyway.... Fueled by red stripe, Loren and i have been busy with our weekends painting a whole hoast of signs for the factory and beyond. we are going to put the new front door sign up tonight so ill post a picture of it tomorrow.
then it was all about the bike rides with adam and loren....


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