oi oi clean shirt

Listening to: Friday studio bangers...(len - steal my sunshine!hahahahahah).

Look at my lovely new SHINEY SCREEEEN!yus! been borrowing a screen for mostof this year so finallydesided tostump up for my own. soo pleased i have. it brings up all the details i miss in work. no where to hide now.
Thanks to Zosienka for the ace ace ace willam morris postcard that popped through the telegramme letter box this week. I had no idea what he looked like and the portrait is just brillaint. i need to get hold of an old style bow tie for telegrammes dress up fridays. just need to learn how to grow a moustach.
Wednesday i took a trip to the Russian club Gallery/studio space for a private view. Having not been there yet me the building/ space dwarfed the show for me. The invites were fantastic and set to a generic design by Tommorow Studio.

Thanks to this brilliant blog. i came accross this flickr group of Ghost Signs. Such nice type fading away. Really reminds me of back home in eastleigh where we had old terrace houses with old nestles adverts on the side. So pleased that there is still some around eastlondon still. Are they protected? they so should be. Look at the photos here.

Olympus XA vs LOMO LCA

So i have been lookingin to getting my Lomo Fixed or Even coughing up the big bucks to get a replacemnt for my poorly picture partner.
however some advice suggests i should save some money and invest in a Olmpus XA.

This video is ace. I want this man next to me at all times just advicing me what to do in my life.
I am currently looking on ebay for an Olympus XA.

Tonight i am off to check out the James Taylor Gallery and a couple of installations.I have yet to goto this Gallery Run by the lovely Will Evans(who is also exhibiting). So really interested in the space. See you down there.

oohhhh also im super excited to go to my first carboot of the year tomorrow in hampstead! AGGHHHH should be brillaint. Although it looks like rain rain rain. woooop!

I recently rediscovered this quote from Van gough that used to adorn my wall when i was living in cornwall.
''I feel there is nothing more truly artistic than to love people.''

love love love
robert (artist)

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