Listening to: 6music, hopeing for anouther shout out on the rediculous George lamb Show.

^This weekend^Decided i wanted a scooter.Drank The best coffee in the whole of London (maybe) and sat in a lovely new summer happy pub.
Loads of work getting finished and started this week. New illustration jobs and some more work on the New Taberbacle site.
Going to have to resisit the lure of outside this week!
been trying to work on some other bits and bobs of personal work recently. heavely inspired by BIG type and signs at the moment.
found the work of RIPO thismorning. some of it is a little too graffiti but there is some amazing classic type work.

I AM so super inspired at the moemnt. it feels great. just need more time in the day.

All this and trying to finish the Second of my seasonal split ep's with pip at the moment. spring is sprung and i havent recorded my half yet. think its looking like 3 songs each. HOPEFULLY available for free download on Easter Sunday... and thats next this sunday i think?!im really happy with the songs ive done. A little worried about the words. They are a little.....ummm i guesse obvious (blatent might be the best phrase) and really honest. and thats always a bit strange to send out in to the world. but i am pleased with them. just need to nail the recordings.

Does anyone know of a really good monitor going for really cheep. going to be monitorless midweek this week and need a new one. any suggestions very welcome.

hope all is beutiful in your worlds.xx

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