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Just finished this new editorial piece for velovity magazine. Its about how a new art venture in Dundee can regenerate the city.A fantastic sentiment that i guesse only time can tell if it comes true?

Stubbled upon this video today. its really pretty amazing and reminds me loads of Theo Jansen.
It just blows my mind so much i have no idea how trheyy can be thought of, let alone beginning to engineer the machanics. They are so organic and the movement is beutiful. gasp.

I'd like to move here please. Its such an amazing space so nicely finished! such a 14 year olds dream. i dont think ill grow out of that dream. Its a weired coincidence i found this today as i watched BIG again last night for like 50th time and the bit where he gets his appartment has always been my favourite bit (appart of course from the keyboard bit). I wanted that appartment soooo much when i was 11.

Soooo decisions desisions tonbight. do i go and jonah Matrenga alllllll the way in central or see dananananakroyd just a short bike ride away. damn the two shows in one night conundrum. If anyone want to make my mind up?


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