i want to be with you everywhere

Listening to: fleet wood mac, Everywhere on an awesome spotify playlist. totally hooked up to my last.fm acount. Deal with that technology.

so i still havent recovered my digital camera yet?!?! a bit concerning. So not so easy to display my every wherabouts/goings on. sorry. i know you will all be so dissapointed.


Always Like This

Had an epic day of running around london for various meetings and what nots. Managed to pop in to the excellent John Purcell Paper to oggle various new stocks that we are getting our hands on for new projects/exhibitions and personal projects. I love going in there totally geeking out and the smell is amazing. Plus the people are soooo super nice except for a man that grunted at us as we left.hmmm.
after many other bits and bobs and meetinsg and WAY too much coffee and shakes. I went to some ace show openings including Tobias Rehberger's new show at Pilarcorrias. Named Cuckoo Clock Show the show pretty much revolves around time.
This image is from anouther show as there isnt any images online yet. ohhh the colours/shapes/timekeeping....please go and enjoy it yourself.
appologies for the awful halfhearted description. im no art critic and there are no pictures and i am super tired. i just really really loved it.

Bed BED bedso much to do tomorrow and letters to write tonight.

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