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Ive never really been one for penguin sentimentality. Although i was reminded of this amazing story. I heart norway. does anyone want to give me a studio there for a while?

My Diet today has been been prettybad . Mainly mini eggs and green tea. butcheck out how good the new clipper packaging is!

So i have heard more and more about Andrew Holder over the past few months. I remember seeing his work for the first time on Grain edit. All the praise is SOOOO deserved i love his distorted perspective and incredable colour use! too good.

Talking of colour just found this:

An Exhibition by Geoffrey Todd Smith in chicago.

Incredable detail and colour thats makes your heart melt faster than your eyes.
Please look here for more incredable images.

Yikes is that the time i have to run to kentish town to go see Right away great captain. The acoustic Solo project of Manchester Orchestra.
Appologies there is nothing New to see from our studio thus far this week. We are working on some big new jobs that i cant wait to showall....

love love

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