vimto or american soda

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i really like matt and kim at the moment.

So buck 65 was pretty good last night. Ive never been to the jazz cafe before....very strange venue. We sat at the top and drankj gin and tonics while looking over theshow. Felt very grown up.
anyway the highlight of the eve was the trainride home.
after i goto on the wonderful overland service from camden back hackney wick i could smell vimto in the train. This was really nice and instanty made the journey more fun. then a man who had previously fallen in to me with his bike turned to me saying that he could smell American cream soda. And so a debate nsued with me smelling vimto and he smelling cream soda. Who was putting this smell in to the trains ? the government? TFL? either way a talking point. excellent! then upon him departing the train i was approched by a man telling me the train was making music! As weired as i thought this was i listened and indeed the train was making two alternating frequencies! afggggghhh weired. We then had a discussion about machines macking noises and a documentary i had heard where a man had recorded the machines and computers in his office to hear what overall chord was being produced and whether it was a minor or major chord and how that effects our lives aat work. he then as he left told me check out Alvin Lucia, a founder of the sonic arts union. WHo produced this really interesting piece of work in 1970's.
Wierd, but brilliant journy.
In work related news we have almost finished a new branding job that im pretty excited to show. but we must hold on to it a little longer for now. Im going to be updated the site either today or tomorrow with loads of new illustration and other bits and bobs so look out for that.


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