I wanna know where the tonsie at

listing to: The Rolling Stones – Sympathy For The Devil

Monday saw Telegrammes first lecture. We rambled about ourselves to teh attentive ears of Winchester school of arts's graphic design course. Big thanks go out to tutor, Tim metcalf who made us feel really welcome and relaxed enough to calm the coffee shakes i managed to pick up on the train down. The lecture focused on the pitfalls of starting a design/ilustration company straight out of art scool. Things we know all to well. Money(lack there of), creativity, clients, tax, ignorance to the world of business.... and everything we didnt know. LEARNING THE HARD WAY couldve been an appropriate title.

we created a whole bunch of unique illustrations for the talk here are a couple:




Thanks to everyone who sat and listened while we jabbered on. And everyone who gave us lovely feedback on twitter and such. 'twas a pleasure.
Better catch up on a slow start to the day now... chris's birthday last night has left the studio a little sluggish to say the leaste. Bowling and gin being the main culpret. HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHRISTOPH! Loads of work to do before desisions need to be made about the pletherer of activities on offer tonight...

This excellent concept gets launched in zine form tonight at the KK outlet ...

If Drawings were photographs.

Then its off to WAH nail bar for...


'WallFly, an exhibition brought to you by Tiger Reid from This Is Music, will showcase the best of flyer art from London’s finest DIY music promoters.'

Finishing up at the AWESOME Superyouth afterparty .

This is not to mention the mighty PORTASOUND playing at the 229 club! if you ever get a chance to see these guys. do it and bring dancing shoes and party poppers. They recently played our halloween party and destroyed minds and melted faces. YEAH!

How the hell am i gonna do all this AND go and See WAVVES at 93 ft east.

teleportation machine designs on a postcard to the usual address.

sea sue

Robert Telegramme

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