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Id very much like to live here please. Its the work of Architect Arthur Erickson. The Photos are just beautiful without even thinking about how amazing the work is. Thanks to the ever brilliant Grain edit for the tip off.



Our Studio is conveniently placed right next to the new eastlondon line tube station for Dalston. awesome! yes when they finish it and not as it turns out, when they burst a water main that floods the street and causes us to have a power outtage in the whole building. No work happening for us then. Thankfully the lovely chaps as Themes water sorted it out and left us with an afternoon to burn. So i popped along to the Decode exhibition at the V&A.

There is some REALLY nice things there. Its a little small and left me wanting more especially as id seen loads of it before. But check this out for an identity...

'karsten schmidt has created an open source piece for the exhibition’s microsite.
you can watch the video below, or hack the code to create your own unique version.'

Just found this picture of a perceptive till i met a while ago. Happy Friday people im off to a very exciting meeting in a very lovely pub!

IMG00255-20091230-2154 copy



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