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On a massive research tip today, all about Buckminster Fuller,  for a project that will hopefully become apparent late next week. I stumbled upon the the artist community 'drop city' based in colarado from 1965 to the early '70's.
The Droppers’ vision of life-as-art was evidenced in their iconographic dwellings, which were based on geodesic domes and the crystalline designs of Steve Baer, a pioneer in fractal geometric designs and solar energy. The Droppers were opposed to work-for-pay and used salvaged materials, including culled lumber and chopped-out car tops.  In 1966, Buckminster Fuller honored Drop City with his Dymaxion Award for“poetically economic structural accomplishments."
taken from http://www.dropcitydoc.com/

Read more about it here. Or better, watch this trailer and give these people more money to make the documentary about the place.

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