HI GUYS, welcome to a new little item on our Blog, Telegramme listening post. At the end of every week We will choose some things that we have been listening to here in the studio. New bands we have come across, music videos that inspire, cover artwork to admire or just something to sountrack your friday afternoon. So heres whats been floating out of the studios windows on the warm hazey breeze ...


On the back of news that my beloved Bombay Bicycle Club are releasing a new album this month, I have made a playlist of a few of their more unknown, folky tracks. Some of these tracks are actually featured on the new album and the track 'Ivy & Gold' is a perfect sunny accompaniment to a picnic with a beautiful French maiden in luscious corn fields. Hot.



Well this Weeks been a real mix, with a real battle between lazy summer loveliness from Wild Nothing and BIG guitars to power me through an ever growing to do list! The guitars have it this week. Poster Roast Favourites and all round good chaps Pulled Apart by horses' Album came out a couple of weeks ago and has been my studio accomplice this week. Stupidly fun, mega fast and multiple mentions of Hi-fives can only be brilliant thing to work/party to. ULTIMATE POWER!!!



A new(ish) Big scary monsters signing. Somthing of a slight departure from the norm for BSM, Tall Ships Ep is wonderfully complex and poppy at the same time. I cant stop listening to 'Books'!

They are playing a whole shedload of dates look here.

Let us know what you think of this lot / your lot.

We'll get back to putting work up here super soon aswell...

Fridy love ! TELEGRAMME

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