Super busy week, more planning of new projects and a couple falling nicely in to place. All will be revealed early next week! Straight in to things ....


90s skate grunge rock – Dinosaur Jr . The Album ‘Farm’ is getting on to a year old, but ive only recently got around to bloody loving it.

Further Listening


My entry today -

This version is as close as I can find to the performance of Of Montreal in the beautiful short film 'I'm Here' by Spike Jonze.

I rode along the canals today to this track and it had me in a fixated stare into another world. Such a driving bass line and powerful performance.

See the live performance HERE.

"Things could be different, but they're not."


I Bought this album last month ( i think) and havent really stopped listening to it! A differant beaste to thier last ('59 sound) but no less breath taking. Big guitars, super engaging hooks, and brilliant story telling from Fallons raspy vocals. Just wonderful. Got to see them a few weeks back and they have stepped up their live show. Stadium fillers for sures.

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