how do you say that in esperanto?

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Hot off the press is this Illustration for BBC worldwide magazine, about the language Esperanto and its creator Zamenhof. The polish City of Bialystok has even started a ‘Esperanto Trail' which is available in English and polish..im sure the irony isnt lost on them.

Off to see Inception tonight...wayyyy too excited!



  1. Cool! Esperanto vocabulary is drawn largely from European languages, so you may have guessed what the inscription on the artwork says, but in case you didn't, it says:

    How do you say that in Esperanto?

    to which you could reply:

    Kun granda facileco! (With great ease!)

    (Sorry, it's Friday :-)

  2. Oops... Just noticed the title of your blog entry :-). Like I said, it's Friday.