Listening to: the call center for our server talk absolute rubbish down the phone to me.

Aggghhhhh we are having a bloody nightmare with our servers at the moment. so many appologies if we are delayed replying to you on email or the site is down when you come to have a look. in a word they are shit.

Right calme your self robert.... have a look at the new piece of work above and jump in to in to spring. Its a new rota poster image but will also be available as a new print in the shop very soon. and hopefully a tote bag for the summer.

I was hopeing to have a picture of our new front door sign to show you but alas last night i worked on some ace new posters that im finishing today and watched Nick and Nora's infinate playlist. Kind of a good but poormans Juno. But a killer soundtrack obviously. I then proceeded to have a heated debate with my housemates as to weather you can actually live in teen film moments. ive decided it can happen and am going to model my life soely upon living in dawsons creek.....ummmm yeah maybe not.

chris and i have been shouting ship and wreck at each other:


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