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Hot off the Telegramme Press. Just finished this poster for the Manchester Orchestra at the Barfly. Im so excited about seeing them and have been rewatching a whole bunch of thier tour podcasts.
They are friends with the hilarious and always excellent to see kevin devine which, when spending my friday evening with a good friend watching old pop punk videos in an effort to regain our every disspearing youth made me remember this video (that is a badly constructed sentence if ever i read one):

i think Kevin told this story last time we saw him at the borderline. either way its brilliant.

Tonight i was planning to try to see three shows in one night! would be pretty ace except i got carried away in the stuio and then have been offered a spagetti bolegnaise that i cant refuse. so looks like itll have to just be too as i wont make it to see televised crimewaves instore single release show. which is a shame as i havent seen those guys in an age and was hoping to party briefly withthem before hoping back on the bike to see so say so's show at the hoxton bar and grill before back on the bike to trundle to the old blue last to catch the Outcry collective...phewwwww. bike ride gig a thon!

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