'whats in your cup?' 'rum' 'like rumplestiltskin?'

Listening to: Benton falls.

Working away on The new Tabernacle site this week, its been ace and Super difficult which has also been ace. Have been focusing loads on new illustrations and almost forgetting design. But feel like im falling back in to it aok espesially as we embark on a new project that we have been researching this week (more will be explained in time).
However on my travels on the internet i came across this incredable london based architecture and design company 'FAT'. Their choice of colour and shape is incredable and continues through thier architecture to their furnature design and beyond. Its simply beutiful. look look....

Been struggling with music this week so could REALLY do with some s
uggestions. Especially as myspace keeps doofing up. so anything on spotify would be brilliant please... any shared playlists?????
Off on bike convoy to a few openings tonight. No idea what exactly but will try and share them on the morrow. Will also try and spy the blue house above that is apprently really near me??
maybe i can find it on google maps street view. Its totally blown my mind. i knew they were doing it but didnt realsise its was live now?!?!!! sooooooooo weired.


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  1. FAT is awesome. Love the interior design they did for Kessels Kramer. I once visited the office (set in an old church) and it's the stuff kid's dreams are made of; a huge wooden indian fort in the middle, a big diving board at the balcony of the organ, and a forest with picknicktables as meetingroom.

    p.s. springtime music