Listening to: The Shins. (hoooooray for spring)!!!!!

So i have been lucky to have been visited by the postman twice in the last 2 days!!!!
and BOTH times a little postcard book popped in to the Telegramme letter box.
Yesterday i recieved Volume 2 of the Advice to sink in slowly postcard book. THANKS john. Its looking brilliant. Hot on the heels of the first one it features 24 differant postcards passing on sage wisdom for new students including ours below.... Absolutly love the cover by Frank Chimero. Totally check his work out.

The site we have deisgned for advice to sink in is still in build stages. But is getting pretty close to completion and is look RAD! Cant wait to show it to all. Im really pleased with it and the project is really gonna blow up when its launched.

Today i recieved this little book ...

...from the lovely Yee Ting Kuit. It features A whole bunch of brilliant female illustrators including Yee. You can check it out HERE with much better images. My camera was being duff today.

Saw this this morning and blew my coffee fueled head off, i couldnt sit still. Is rediculous but super fun. AWESOME!

Pulled Apart By Horses - Meat Balloon from Donut Shop on Vimeo.

Managed to only make it to one show last night due to getting stuck in the studio till later than planned. booooooooo. Did get to finally see the outcry collective who we have recently done a pitch for their album sleeve was good to see them in action. and loud and RAWWWWWK they were too. not shy of a solo either. Here is one of the covers we pitched with no idea whats happening with it......


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