lets get metal

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So to celebrate the month of may and the wonderful birthdays that full there in we are having a glam metal party at the faactory. We have been lucky enough to secure the emence force that it Attractive package to keep us scissor kicking in to the small hours.
I knocked up this little image ^. Was kind of fun making it as its unlike anything i have done since i left my 'real job' about a year and a half. We never get to make things look shiney anymore. Nice to know i can remember where the layer filters are on the photoshops.
This past weekend was so nice and seemed somewhat super productive. Managed to make it to the excellent Sadie Coles HQ gallery to check out JIM LAMBIE's new show.
I Wasnt particually in to the metal belt chairs but the floor and the records set in to concrete blocks were Amazing. The whole gallery was glowing pink and i managed to get fully disorientated by the patterns. have a better look here.

Then it was back on the bike. It was the first time ive ever ridden in central london. the second you get past holborn the roads become insanly intimidating and with a lack of pump and a semi flat back tire i just escaped near death. fun fun. right so after gettingback on the bikes it was off to the MYTHOLOGIES exhibition at the haunchof venison hosted at . Firstsly the type for this show was awesome. I beleieve it was done by MM PARIS.
The show was pretty broad and and expansive and managed to mix opinions pretty well but i really liked quite a bit of work here.
Back on the bikes arguing about the show and off to bask in beautiful april sunshine and find some cold beers for the park. YUSSS. avoiding insane drivers in town.
So tonight im off to go find out more about a band i managed to catch last week. I cant find anything about them online,myspace or ANYTHING! not to be confused with this band. Sharks seemed to be about 18 and played a set complete with windmills and had a huge gaslight anthem/ springsteen sound. They are on super early at the El Paso Bar on oldstreet. am pretty excited.
i hope everyones week is full of sun and fun.


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