London to Brighton 2010

Listening to: one of the chaps from Jonquil's new project

Sunday saw Chris and I take on the 100KM journey form london to brighton. Having only ridden a max of about 25 miles in one stretch. This was a little daunting. it didnt fail to live up to my fears.
Our group was a bit like a mighty ducks style collection of misfits and wildcards form the wrong side of the tracks. Telegramme certainly represented the less prepared side of the spectrum. It turns out Dickies and vans arnt the professionals' clothing of choice and boy did we feel it 50 miles in. Full credit to chris for nailing it on his FIXED wheel!BOOM! must have been the Andrew WK t shirt and i pod combo.

7 riders, 3 punctures, 3 falls, one gash to the face thanks to metal posts, 2 fixed wheels, 3 wrong turns, 100KM, 1 rediculously huge pub lunch, 8 hours.
Thanks to George and Rich for guiding us, sorting it all out and the killer bacon sandwiches.
Summery (via @richardtid): George Waltz - Team Captain, never really looked phased, powerful, energetic, hungry for victory, like a Lion (on a bicycle)

George Hitman - The Underdog, but  ultimately proved himself a powerhouse, crushing every incline in front of him, bonus points for gnarly head slash.

Bobby "Evans Cycles" - The Indie Soldier, never leaving a man behind, real team spirit, good internal pop punk soundtrack kept him going.

Chris Gove - The City slicker, out of his natural habitat, but absolutely slewing those hills with one gear. The cycling embodiment of Andrew WK.

Dean Gaffney - True Eastend cycling potential, good hat and epic salt marks.

Adam Bright - One word Determination, had all the bad luck, but kept on anyway. Proper badman.

Richard Fresh Fixed - Dad cycling



  1. So which route did you take? Did you do the dyke? It nearly killed me to do the last ten miles, how on earth did you do some of those hills on a single speed/fixed bike?

  2. Chris and the split off group did the dyke, and regreted it very quickly. us slower guys took the cycle path and it was a welcome relief! single speed and fixed.....plain crazy. i struggled with my geared beast! the last 10 were hell!

  3. This is gnarly. You guys are all gnarly. Nice to see some familiar '3rd year' faces on the blog...