Hi Folks, its been a week of mixed projects, LOTS of writing of proposals, articles and plans. With all this concentrating on words, we have had the studio stereo turned down...although only a little, have no fear.
There is a Slight theme running through this weeks musical choices, maybe its the heatwave making a comeback or excitement for  our weekend bike ride to the  beach (60Km to brighton? no probs). vintage feeling/Surfy/hipster/washed out/punk rock has been a real trend at the moment but still feels pretty good to float you through summer.


Wavves -

Their new single King of the Beach, is out on the 3rd of august, they are playing down the road at cargo TONIGHT talk about an up to the minuet blog!

Listen here to the first Album: Wavves – Wavvves and bath in washes of poppy distortion.

Check out the New Slightly more crisply produced single on their myspace.


This song has been around for what seems like forever but this is the first time ive seen the video, it made me chuckle in places and the song is still rad... more wav(v)es of washy fuzzzzzz to sweep you off your inflatable dolphin.


James has been away in Italy listening to his own music made with his band PORTASOUND so im (bobby) gonna steal his go aswell.

I have been listening to the Soft pack self titled album all summer its so warm and mega upbeat.  BON BON!

Listen to the Album here

Bit of a short post as im off to investigate the new studios roof and have a well earn t beer.


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