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We have been lucky enough to be featured in #7 of the  AMAZING Wooden toy Quarterly. Run by the incredabley talented, workhorse that is Timba Smits, WTQ is a wonderfully designed lavishly produced publication featuring artists from all over the world with each issue revolving around a central theme.

check it out.
Wooden Toy Quarterly is possibly the most design-heavy contemporary culture and art publication ever printed in Australia. Appealing to creative addicts and culture fiends alike, the award winning Wooden Toy Quarterly presents a taste of international creative culture and art as a lifestyle that cannot be separated from a love of brilliant graphic design, mammoth features, art and photography.

With 5000 individually numbered copies distributed 2 times per year, Wooden Toy Quarterly is not only a publication worth collecting for its themed editions alone, but for its aim to document and highlight emerging and established creatives that have in some way been influenced by contemporary culture, design and art while drawing in the creatives that we think can be, and are an influence and inspiration to others.

We were interviewd for the music issue in an article about gig posters. and were in some pretty great company such as, BURLESQUE OF NORTH AMERICA, MORNING BREATH and TYLER STOUT.

Article intro


here are our answers:


Interview with Telegramme for Wooden Toy Quarterly "The Music Edition" number 7

By Timba Smits

Name: Telegramme Studio

Location: Dalston - London - UK

website: www.telegramme.co.uk


Telegramme is a small bespoke studio built on a love of craft and communication. We are inspired by music, people, unique ideas and beautiful things. We direct our energy in to Graphic design, illustration, art direction and web design.

Telegramme is a collaboration that snowballed in to a fully functional studio. Working via the postal service with Christopher in Bristol and Robert based in Cornwall, they developed a creative partnership thanks to a mutual love of music, art and the receiving of post. After firmly settling in to their London Studio, Telegramme picked up a third pair of hands attached to the talented mind of James and continue to use the passion that started them print-making, illustrating and designing, to run a full service design and illustration studio with the capabilities, and experience to handle any scale of job from a full brand campaign to screen printed gig posters with the same care and attention we have always given to our work.

Telegramme have since had the pleasure to make the following clients happy - Habitat, Nokia, MTV, Dare Digital, The Financial Times, Arctic Monkeys, Domino Records, DDB, condenast, Random house. Observer, Granta books - and whole bunch of their favourite bands - Telegramme are lucky chaps.

WTQ. Tell us Telegramme, How long have you been designing posters for?

answer:  Chris and i Started working working together in college on gig posters back in 2005 i think - teaching ourselves how to print them up and working out how to get bands to take a chance on posters. The UK scene was a little disparate at the time, its only now labels, bands and promotors are seeing the use in having posters made up for shows thats arnt just text slapped over the album artwork. Finally people are seeing the value in our work and the scene is growing - and it gives us a lovely warm feeling!

WTQ. Tell us about your poster for Lightspeed Champion and how the project come together?

answer: We had been doing a whole bunch of posters for the barfly at the time, Adam their head promotor has been backing the Uk poster scene for years and has been awesome in helping us get in contact with bands about doing posters. We had also, separately, been chatting with Dev (lightspeed champion) about him letting us do a poster for him at some point. So it was a great coincidence he was playing this show! A nice simple arrangement!

WTQ. How did you create the artwork for this particular poster?

answer: I had the idea for the house for sometime, it had been sitting in one of my note books as a mess of pen lines vaguely resembling an visual concept. - somehow it just seemed right for the show - sometimes our posters are based on the band, an album, name, a lyric, a song title or in this case 'hell that would be rad for that band!' Then it was a case of drawing, scanning, more drawing, colouring, splitting, setting up screens, ink, squeegees, paper, POSTERS!

WTQ. What is it about Music Posters that appeals to you the most?

answer: from a designers point of view - The freedom to try and experiment at things, creating a personal response to a band, Challenging what can and cant work as a poster - this is something that can be forgotton when getting absorbed in illustration - the gig poster is supposed to advertise a show. Trying to create what you have in mind as a concept for artwork, producing an emotional responce to the band AND making it a successful piece of deisgn that fulfils the duties of a poster is a challenge.

From a collectors point of view - whats not to love, the format, the personal response from the artist, the care and time poured in to the designing and printing, the variety - there is a designer out there for everyone, we just happen to like more than our fair share.

WTQ. Who would you like to design a poster for the most and why?

answer1:  Bruce Springsteen.Bruce Springsteen.

answer2:  Having the opportunity to work with any band we listen to and like is an honour - A poster job is really pleasurable when what we are doing just fits what the band is doing - its all about mutual love of our crafts.

answer3:  Bruce Springsteen.Bruce Springsteen.

WTQ. Any advice to anyone wanting to forge a career in the poster art game?

answer: go to shows... LOTS OF SHOWS... shows you want to go to ... its super important you want to be there! go say hi to the bands, the promoters, be prepared to work late! Posters aint a money making game its about getting to do work you love for bands you love!


thanks again to Timba.


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