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I was approached by artists James Capper and Alex Chinneck to produce a poster for their forthcoming group show, FABRICATORS.

This is shaping up to be a really exciting show of Young british sculpture.

James Capper (b.1987), Alex Chinneck (b.1984), Luke Hart (b.1985) and Sam Zealey (b.1986) are interested in how things are made, how they function and the properties of materials. James Capper sheds light on industrial processes, Sam Zealey on engineering, Alex Chinneck on architecture and Luke Hart on advanced materials.

These artists are problem-solvers, creating sculpture that can suggest answers to spatial concerns, and, in doing so, pose new questions. They investigate the relationships between humans and the physical structures and tools that we interact with. One aspect of this investigation is the exploration into the different possibilities of materials, including their molecular make-up, physical properties and applications.

The works are part of an evolving experimentation into the form and function of sculpture. Influenced by a variety of disciplines, these sculptures partake of processes and methodologies that one would not associate with conventional art practice. Drawing upon the history of industrial processes as much as the art canon, the work of these artists does not revolve solely around a physical studio but is topically and intellectually integrated into the world.

Alma Zevi, 2012.

It was great to work on an exihibition poster. It feels like a neglected craft and and element of an exhibition often overlooked by curators and artists putting on shows. I worked on this poster in a simular method as i do when designing gig posters - not actually being part of the show meant i could approach the design from an outside perspective. And much like the gig posters it was intended to be a mark and celebration of the show both now and for the future rather than just an advertising tool.


These posters will be printed up and available, from the Gallery, signed by the exhibiting artists in very limited numbers.


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