Listening to: Portasound - dreadnought

London 5 piece PORTASOUND are fucking awesome! They fuse soaring melodies, driving rhythms and wonky riffs they’ve created a genre bending soundtrack of instrumental electronica to accompany their own fictional narrative. Influenced by folk legends, classic novels and film narratives, they create a sense of filmic purpose in each of their songs.

The Second Renaissance EP is the band’s attempt to bring these narrative influences to life. It contains the story of a great cataclysm, the ensuing battle between light and dark forces, the creation of a rebellion and the birth of the hero.Brace yourselves for a high-speed 22 minute sonic journey atop a giant synth with the legs of a horse and head of a Minotaur!

I have worked closely with the band to try and tell this story though the 4 main pieces of artwork acompanying the artwork. 4 images for the four songs.

Portasound - The Second Renaissance
I. Dreadnought
II. Messerschmitt
III. To the Colours
IV. Polaris

I will post a full blog post of the making of, development and theory of the artwork when the record comes out.

A Video has been put together for the First single form the EP - Dreadnought:



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